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Festival of Worship

This past weekend I had the privilege of going to a Christian music festival with my cousin and his wife. Every year they drive almost 7 hours to come up and attend the festival. Since I live right down the road from where the festival is held, they always invite me to come along. Well, this may come as a surprise to some of you, but I’m not a big “music industry” type of guy. Sure, I’ll listen to music, but I rarely buy or download CD’s. I certainly do not know most of the artists nor the songs associated with the artists. So when my cousin invited me to come to the festival in years past, I would go join them for maybe an afternoon, but certainly not a whole day’s worth of bands playing their music. This year was different.

This year my cousin paid for my way at Christmas, hence giving me no excuses for not joining them this year. So I did. For two days, I went and hung out with my cousin and his wife, listening to different Christian bands and speakers while relaxing under a tent in an open field. While it was entertaining, for the most part, I never could get excited about what was going on. The moderators would call the music as worship or praise, yet there was no anointing and it seemed like the artists were more focused on performing than worshiping to God. That is, until a young lady named Kari Jobe, stepped on the stage. When she started to sing, God’s presence came. She was clearly talking and singing to God, and we simply got to join her. She actually led the crowd in genuine worship and it was a powerful and awesome thing to experience!

I then realized why I don’t like going to Christian concerts or listening to a lot of current Christian contemporary music. Most of the bands play pretty songs, but God gave us music, not for mere entertainment but for worship! The more and more I grow in Christ, the more essential it is for me that music is not just Christ focused, but Holy Spirit anointed. If it’s not anointed, what’s the point? I thank God that Kari Jobe is a worshiper and ministers not to man, but to God. But more than that, I now have a greater appreciation for the opportunities I have to praise and worship with true worshipers every week at GBF. Not everyone understands what true praise and worship are, so I’m thankful that I belong to a group of believers who do!

~Dr. Matt

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