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Commissioned Salesmen

As a veterinarian who worked with both people and their dogs, I developed skills which met the needs and expectations of both. I took an oath to be an advocate for each animal’s health and well being, above all doing no harm. So this put me in peculiar positions at times. Even though I had taken an oath to protect and serve a client’s dog, I first had to serve the owner. There were many times where an individual brought in their dog because of a health issue, yet, once they understand the cost involved in diagnosing and treating it, the pocket book became more important than the health of the pet. It was then my responsibility to both the owner and the patient to help the owner appreciate the value of their pet versus the “cost” of the treatment. In other words, I had to be able to analyze and assess each owner, determine what their values were, and present them with a treatment option which was valuable to them, while at the same time providing the best possible care for the sick patient.

Now I understand that being a veterinarian is not for everybody. And rightly so. After all, you would have to take an oath and live by it every day, even when the people and animals you are trying to serve sometimes adamantly pit themselves against you. Who needs all that hassle? Well, I am here to inform you that if you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, you too have been given a commission: Love the Lord God with all your heart, and love your neighbor as yourself.

Huh. Interesting. You too have been commissioned to provide a product to those around you. It’s called the love of God. I can tell you from experience, that not everyone is going to want your product because of the cost. However, this is irrelevant; you’ve already been commissioned. So let me toss out a few suggestions. Learn to study your neighbor. What do they value? How can you add value to them? Discover where they are at so that you know how to appropriately approach them and bring honor to them. Once they begin to see the value of the love of God in your life, they may come to decide that the cost is worth the price. Being a commissioned product salesman is not always easy or fun, but the rewards far outweigh the costs. So be prosperous and add value, value, value for the Kingdom of God!

~Dr. Matt
Image Credit..Gary Romin His dog via

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