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Transformed by Grace

“Be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.”~ Romans 12:2

Most of us have a problem with the first part of this verse. Before being born again, all of our thinking had been influenced by the world we live in. In the original definition of  world in Greek is course. All mankind walk basically after the appetites of the flesh. We fullfill the lust and desires of our flesh and mind. Whatever we want, whenever we want it, and wherever we want it. Let”s get real it”s all about me. I mean you.

The greatest battle we face in trying to serve God and live holy is us. We blame the devil, enviroment, the world, our parents, or whatever excuse we can come up with. It’s everyones fault but ours. Let us examine ourselves and take a look in the mirror. I know it’s hard to admit. Each one of us will give an account of our own selves. It’s not my brother nor my sister, but it’s me, oh Lord. There is hope. God is for us.

Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. The word transformed is the Greek word metamorphoo or metamorphose. Our walk with the Lord is a transforming process.We were like a worm before accepting Jesus as our savior. We were consumed with the appetites of our flesh. We ate or partook of anything that satisfied out lusts. We crawled on the ground. We could only feed on lowly things of this world. Our vision was limited by our nature.

When we became born again by the Holy Spirit, He wrapped us in the cocoon of God’s grace. We slowly began our transformation process. As we pray, worship, read God’s word, and fellowship with other Christians, the Holy Spirit is leading and teaching us to renew our minds. We start thinking and living holy, becoming like Jesus.

As the butterfly emerges from the cocoon, it begins to fly, feeding on the nectar of beautiful flowers, and soaring in the heavenly realm. It has a whole new nature from the lowly worm it once was. Don’t be discouraged in your progress. Just know you are in the process of transformation into His nature.

~Ricky Robinson

Image Credit © Tammy Sanders


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