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It is Only a Number

The milestones in a person’s life start from birth with the first smile, first steps, first haircut (the one the barber did), the second hair cut (the one that they did), starting school, graduating, college or job, marriage, children, etc…. There are also birthday milestones. You have your thirteenth birthday and now you are a teenager. Girls have their “Sweet 16” birthday. Boys look forward to getting their drivers license at 16. You then have your eighteenth birthday and twenty-first one. I could go on but won’t. I will have turned 50 by the time this is published. I can remember when I was 18 and thought that thirty was old. Then when I turned 30, fifty was old.

Now that I am turning the BIG 50 I have begun to wonder how I am supposed to act and dress. I have come to the conclusion to be myself. Fifty is just a number. It is not a death sentence. It is not the end of your life and you are not over the hill! Over the years, I have seen co-workers get black balloons for their fiftieth birthday at work. These balloons say they are over the hill and give the impression that they are OLD. You are not old because you have turned 50. You are not old at any age! You still have a lot of life in you. You just have a lot of wisdom that goes along with that life. Birthdays are just another day for me. Yes, it is a celebration of me. It is my day but it is more than that.

The Bible tells us that wisdom comes with age. I just look at it as being a lot wiser than I was at 18. Turning 50 is a milestone in my life and hopefully in the lives of those who read this article. Making it to 50 just shows me that what ever the devil has thrown at me in the last 50 years has not killed me or taken me away from fulfilling my destiny. I have 50 more years at least to do what I need to in order to fulfill my destiny in the Kingdom of God. So the next time someone tells you that you are getting old or over the hill, just say that you are just getting started and you have a lot of work to do for the kingdom, you don’t have time to get old. Let them know that if they so choose to get old at 50 and become over the hill then they have a right to do so. Don’t look at the birthdays as an excuse to give up because you are a year older. Instead, look at them as another year of Victory!

~Ronda Sullivan

Image Credit © Tammy Sanders


Comments on: "It is Only a Number" (1)

  1. I love the idea of looking at birthdays as a celebration of another year of victory. May we all live victorious lives in Christ and be willing to share His love with others so they, too, can live victoriously. Blessings!

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