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Strength Training

As an athlete, there are three physical necessities that you must possess: speed, stamina, and strength. All three of which only come by training. Having been trained by various coaches, in various ways, and in various sports, it’s easy to say there is one constant factor in training. Training requires you to push yourself past what you have known your body to be capable of.

The thing about being strengthened is strengthening doesn’t begin until fatigue sets in. What I mean by that is, I’m sure the average person can hit the ground and do five push ups. However, if you hit the ground and the very most you felt you could do is ten push ups and by the tenth one your arms are shaking, face is red, etc. I tell you not to stop there give me two more. So, with all that you have you push and push, finishing with twelve. In those last two push ups, more strengthening took place in those last two than in the first ten push ups combined. Why do I illustrate that? I’m glad you asked.

So often primitive instinct will kick in and naturally your body will tell you to quit when you get tired. But as I’ve illustrated when you get tired that is the defining moment of how strong you will be, and what you will be capable of doing. If a long distance runner only ever ran a mile, when it comes time for him to run his five mile race he won’t be able to endure it. A sprinter’s race is one of the few events in which the start is the most important part of the race. However, if a sprinter only ever works on the beginning of the race not only is he undeveloped, but he is also hindered. Anyone can fight hard at the beginning of a fight, but when you’ve been in it for a while fighting and fighting, will you stand and fight in that defining moment?
In chess the main attribute people want to know about is how good your ‘end-game’ is (simply put means how good are you at finishing the game off?). They focus so much on this attribute because at the beginning both players have many pieces, but in the latter part of the game we have few. So it then becomes who can do more with the least.

Therefore, now that you’ve been in this battle for a while, and have pushed and toiled and things have been lost and you feel like it’s just too much. Now is the time to show your strength, now is the time when you stand, now is where that second wind that you’ve trained so hard to obtain kicks in! Now is where God’s glory manifests! And now, that victory takes fruition.

~Jevallye’ Beverly

Image Credit © Nathaniel Dodson via


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