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“A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.”  ~ Proverbs 13:22

Everyone has probably dreamed of inheriting a vast sum of money, houses, cars, or properties. Often we think of famous families like the Rothchilds, Kennedys, or Rockafellows. Their family fortunes are passed from one generation to the next. They leave trust funds that can sustain their heirs for many generations. Most of us weren’t born with a silver spoon in our mouths.

Deep down in the hearts of most parents is a desire to make it better for their childrens future. We want our children to have a better life than we did. It’s commendable for parents to work, save, and provide for their children. We should do our best to provide for our families and their future.

I was raised in a family of six children. My father worked hard. He was a very frugal man. He was a planner. He and mother did their best to provide for us. They taught us to have faith in God. They were Godly parents leading by example.

Last weekend I went to a family reunion on my mother’s side. The reunion was held at Green Pond United Methodist Church. Outside the church is a historical marker. The history dated back to December 14,1808. In June 1820, there was a campmeeting held there from Friday till Monday. Over 15,00 people attended. They came by walking, riding horses, and carriages. My great-great grandparents were part of this revival. I recieved an inheritance from my ancestors that is more precious than silver and gold. All of this world’s wealth is passing away. Family fortunes can disappear over night. A Godly inheritance is forever.

My desire is to leave a Godly inheritance to my children’s children.

~Ricky Robinson

Image Credit © Mike Stroud 


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