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God is Funny Like That

Childhood is a strange adventure. Some things are exciting. Some can be confusing. Some just hurt. It was nineteen hundred and any year. It doesn’t  matter. They were all the same for me. I was a little girl. I sat in the back of the church with a few friends. It was Father’s day. There was Sunday School. The lesson centering on fathers. I was sure a father must be a neat thing to have. They seemed to complete the perfect family on T.V.

My friends who had dads didn’t have any major complaints. I had uncles who were dads. I loved them. It was when we went into the sanctuary that the part I dreaded would begin. The pastor would announce that it was Father’s Day. I guessed that was for those who missed Sunday School. Maybe they hadn’t heard. He would then ask the children to go sit with their fathers. I would remain where I was. People who didn’t know me would glance curiously. I decided Father’s Day wasn’t for kids like me.

Fast forward, I am a married adult with kids of my own. I got a call from a pastor a few towns over. He asked me to come speak for Father’s Day. I respected this man. I thought he had missed it this time! I was the most unqualified person I knew to speak on that subject. He may as well have asked me to split an atom. I explained that I wasn’t raised with a dad. I suggested my husband speak instead. He wasn’t budging. He was sure he had heard from God.

How do you argue with a minister you respect when they assure you that they heard from God? You swallow hard and comply. I must have used up two trees worth of paper preparing what I would say. I would scribble notes and throw them away. I decided I would give a nice message on what the Word said about fathers. I would then make a quick exit. I looked at the congregation and began. I forgot my notes. I spoke from my heart.

I realized I did know a father’s love. I ran to Him with my fears and pains. He was always there for me. I have the best father of all. I love to brag on him. That’s what I did that day. Everyday we should celebrate our Heavenly Father. We should never feel less than anyone. If we have God, we are complete in Him. If I could go back in time, I would feel different. That little girl would hold her head up proudly and smile. I would agree with the pastor that I indeed have been blessed with an awesome dad!

~Connie Robinson

Image Credit © Father and Daughter Benjamin Earwicke via


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