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The New Thankful

My family and I have already started discussing what we are going to do for Thanksgiving this year. People everywhere will come together. This is a special time of enjoying a feast and catching up. It is about  a lot more than the meal. Some will meet new additions to the family for the first time. Others will experience sadness because a loved one will be missing this year.We are facing new challenges in the world today. Things are changing all around us. There is an uncertainty.

As I grow older, the things  I am most thankful for have changed. Things that I took for granted in my younger years are now at the top of the list. I have learned a lot about how some others live. My husband and I are involved in an outeach from our church. It is called Oasis. I have witnessed many heartbreaking problems. No one is turned away. I have seen many spiritual, natural, and physical  needs met. Some come with a need for a miracle of healing. For others, the miracle for them is just knowing that someone cares. I have seen countless lives transformed. Some of the transformation has been in me. That is something to really give thanks for.

Some of the seemingly small things I have taken for granted are huge in the lives of others. I am thankful for my health. I have been blessed with a husband for forty three years. My grandchildren are all well and happy. The most important of all is that I have Jesus Christ as my Lord. I have the promise of eternal life with him. We all have things that we wish for. I think this is the perfect time of year to focus on the things that really matter. Are these the same things that we have taken for granted? Use this opportunity to teach your children to see the blessings all around them. Take time to talk with those older than yourself. They can share wonderful stories of simpler times. They have wisdom that only comes from living a long life. Watch a small child discover something new. The wonder in their eyes is an amazing thing to see. The most important things in life cannot be bought. Too many of our blessings are overlooked. A lot of them will be sitting beside you at the table. Look around you. You may realize how rich you really are.

~Connie Robinson

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