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Something to Talk About

I wanted to be a mechanic when I grew up. The doctor, professor and policeman followed, but the mechanic was first.

I blame my grandfather. He was a quiet man. A man of very little words even though you could tell his mind was operating at all times. He worked in a factory for years, but he lived to work on cars. You could see his eyes light up, his breathing change and the excitement that caused his hands to tremble whenever the subject arose. I’d sit and listen to him for hours. It was so intoxicating that a few of his grandchildren grew to love cars and wanted to become mechanics ourselves. That’s why I’m proud of EVERY spanking I ever received from disobeying Mama and Grandpa’s directive not to play in his tools. His life and experience motivated me to satisfactorily jump into living with both feet. I found equally as much satisfaction walking away from uncles, cousins and others who “talked the talk,” but had no “walk” or heart to back it up.

Everyone has something to say now-a-days. Some ain’t got a clue, right? I get so frustrated when I realize that I live among a generation who is satisfied to “talk” without “walking.” I get utterly irate when I realize that generation is my own. I get “pissed to the highest level of pisstivity” when I realize that that person is me sometimes. Oh, the times I’ve ignorantly and naively promised to do things out of belief and feelings that were far from reality and based on my own selfishness, pride and unwillingness to allow change (good change) to occur in my life because of fear. (Sigh!) I’m sure it would have caused less pain to myself and others just to simply say, “I don’t know” or “I’m sorry, but this is the way it is.” Reality, LIVING life and LIVING according to faith & the Word have their ways of teaching us beyond our beliefs and feelings. 2013 has been that year courageous and challenging year for me and I’m thankful.

Here’s a challenge from this Sustah to you: Before speaking, I challenge you to have the courage to LIVE what you believe…and maybe then you’ll have something to talk about.

~Vickie Bowman

Image Credit © Gossip Girls 1 Sanja Gjenero via


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