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Santa Pause

The turkey is roasting in the pan.

I can’t wait to get it in my hand.

Family is here from near and far.

You can’t see the yard for all of those cars.

Little ones are sneaking sweets.

I hope we have enough of seats.

Football is blaring on the set.

We haven’t even eaten yet!

I am wondering if I will get a nap.

Who is this kid here on my lap?

Presents stacked beneath the tree.

I hope that big one is for me.

How many goodies to succeed?

When does it change from want to greed?

The table is filled, every part.

The empty space is in my heart.

We sometimes feel we are in lack.

Can what we need be found in a sack?

I have worked hard. I have cooked and planned.

Something is missing. I don’t understand.

Is this what the season is all about?

Could it be that something has been left out?

In all the noise, I hear a voice.

So you are the reason to rejoice!

Hand in hand. Heart to heart.

May we take time to remember how great thou art!

This time of year, let us all take pause.

It is all about Jesus! It’s not Santa Claus!

~Connie Robinson

Image Credit ©  Thanksgiving Table S Brown via


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