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“I see You”

 Have you ever heard a quote with words so simplistic, yet the meaning so deep? Well, here’s a quote from a movie so deep that it will take you to the bottom of the ocean. Are you ready for it? “I see you.”

So often we get caught up in the things of our past and our perceptions of people and the things they do, that we label them. Now every time we encounter them we are not looking at them seeing who they are, but solely seeing that label we’ve placed on their forehead.

When we take the time to see someone, our relationship will grow with them exponentially, because we will realize either how good or evil they are.  This allows us to determine how close we can allow them in our life. Having set that boundary ‘accurately’ sets us up for success.  The evil person who may have appeared good simply by doing good deeds will not be allowed close to our heart. Likewise keeping a good person far away from us because we’ve taken something bad that they did and labeled them for that can be detrimental because we are unable to receive from them.

A person we may need to watch out for is when this someone does a good deed, but boast about it, sacrifice something for you, only to hold it over your head as if you owe them something, and if they are only doing good deeds in front of you and the things they do when you’re not present they promptly tell you the next time they see you, versus a person who does good deeds and makes sacrifices because that’s what’s in them.

Matthew 7:17 says, “Every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.”. If we would stop being so quick to place judgment we would see Romans 8:28 come true “…all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose.”

Why do I reference these two scriptures in this manner? I once ran a self-operated welding machine that welds steel doors. The thing about high production machines is sometimes they’ll miss the mark set for them. This machine would burn a hole through the steel door. The thing about this is the machine wasn’t bad, but did it produce something that was bad? At first glance you would think so, but that’s when the welder comes in and takes that “messed up” door works on it and rewelds it, which actually strengthens the door making it stronger than it would’ve been had the machine not burnt through it.

Let us be able to put away our labels, and ask God to help us with our prideful and judgmental attitudes so we can truly say “I see you.”

~Jevallye’ Beverly

Image Credit © Eye Loredana Bejerita

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