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Attitude of Gratitude

Mrs. Beasley! How I loved that doll. I do not remember my exact age or where we were living but I do remember the excitement and joy that I had when I opened up the package that held my Mrs. Beasley! Mrs. Beasley was an extra special doll. She was famous and talked!  After getting her out of her box I had to try her out to see if she really talked. I pulled the cord and she did. I had never had a talking doll before, and I was so amazed and excited she talked and she was ALL MINE!

As a child, you are filled with excitement as Christmas approaches. You are wondering if Santa got your letter and if you have been good enough to get what was on your list. Most children from my generation felt that way. As I have grown into an adult, my understanding of the meaning of Christmas grew and changed as well. Don’t get me wrong I loved my Christmas memories as a child. I am just glad that what I am blessed with on a daily basis is not determined  by my behavior.  Jesus has become the ultimate gift for me. You cannot top that. I have been asked what I want this year and truthfully I do not know if I need anything material. It is all about family and the quality of time spent with them that matter most to me. I think the perfect gift would be to do something as a family every week up until Christmas and every week after.

Too many times we are so caught up in the things around us called life, that we do not take the time to build the long and lasting relationships with our family and others who mean so much to us. We had a wonderful dinner at Gateway for those who did not have a place to go for Thanksgiving. I know it isn’t Christmas but it was a time of giving and that giving is the ultimate gift at Christmas. As much as I loved receiving my Mrs. Beasley doll at Christmas as a child. I really enjoyed giving my time and energy to serve those less fortunate. It was the best Thanksgiving I have had in a long time. I want that excitement and joy that I felt when I opened my gift and serving the Thanksgiving dinner to continue to grow inside of me and flow into my life so I can touch the lives of others.

~Ronda Sullivan

Image Credit © Tammy Sanders


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