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Hiding in Plain Sight

~Psalms 32:7 “Thou art my hiding place. Thou shalt preserve me from trouble. Thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance. Selah.”

When we think of a good hiding place, we usually imagine somewhere in the dark. My little grandchildren love to play hide and seek. No matter how many times we play the game, they always run to the same spot. They hide in my dining room behind sheer curtains. They are in plain sight. They are confident in that spot. There have been times in my life when I too would hide. Circumstances would cause me to run from everyone and everything. I would retreat to my bedroom. I would lock the door.

The room would be dark and silent. I thought hiding in this darkness would help me escape the pain. I was wrong. It would follow me into the pit I had placed myself in. I have since learned that Jesus is my hiding place. I have found Him to be my refuge. In Him is no darkness. He is the light of the world. There are times when we all want to hide. We can choose to allow the darkness to overtake us. We can let Jesus  cover us with Himself. In His presence is joy and peace. He will renew our minds and calm our fears as we hide in Him. My grandchildren are not afraid in their hiding place. They know that I am near. We can have this same assurance with our Heavenly Father. All we need to do is call on Him in our time of need. I will follow the example of these children.

I will hide in plain sight. What does it mean to hide in plain sight? There is a difference in walking by faith and being in denial. We need others to lift us up in prayer when we are facing difficult situations. If they are not aware of our need, they will not know how to pray for us. Faith says that the turn out will be for our good. This will pass. God is walking with us in our trial. Others will learn from the faith we are showing. The victory in the end will bring much glory to God. I am reminded that we are not to hide our light. We are to allow Jesus to shine in us in the bad as well as the good times of our lives. It is a witness to the world of the God we serve. It is also a way for other christians to learn from us. Together we can proclaim how great God is and how we trust in Him.

~Connie Robinson

Image Credit © Tammy Sanders


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