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Get Uncomfortable

Playing in the snow on a vibrant winter’s day is one of the greatest joys you can ever experience. A joy I got to enjoy quite often, spending the latter part of my childhood growing up in Alaska. Of course, my mom always had me geared up head to toe before she’d let me go out. But as I grew and built up a tolerance for the cold, I began just wearing a hoodie sweatshirt in my teen years. After hours of being outside snowball fighting or playing football, I’d eventually get cold. So I’d come in the house trying to get warm and what better way than to go sit by the fire in my fluffy hoodie? It didn’t take long to get warm. Well, my Mom began to see a pattern develop. Anytime I’d come in after being outside from, I’d be very irritable. So, one day in the middle of me being ‘snappish’ she said, “Take off your sweatshirt.” Almost instantly I went back to being my joyful, peaceful self.

Looking back at moments like those I’ve come to realize that comfort can be destructive. I’m sure we’ve all experienced the times where we decide to sleep for an exceedingly long period of time, and before we know it, instead of providing energy the extra sleep has made us more tired.

It’s the same in our walk with Christ. There are many of us who do so much for the kingdom that we just want to “veg-out” for a while. We reach a level that took so much to push through to that we just want to chill here for a while. The problem with that is we become comfortable staying on that level because we’ve whooped every demon and strong man there, so it’s smooth sailing for the most part. Instead of getting ready for the next battle, you’ve been sitting around on the couch eating and watching movie marathons.

My Dad once told me, “Being uncomfortable makes you strong”. If we’re sitting down and get comfortable what are you going to do? Fall asleep. That’s all the enemy is waiting for us to do, so he can launch an attack that will take us and our team out. If we’ve gotten to a place where we are coasting, that’s just the same as taking the pillow out and laying down saying, “Here I am, you can attack me, and I won’t even be able to put up a fight”.

No matter how big, well trained, or strong an athlete is, it only takes one week for strength to start declining. Now maybe it’s just me, but I think if we have an opponent that’s constantly striving and scheming to conquer us and we’re sitting back doing nothing, I think it would be logical to say my opponent would win. So, it’s time we stand back up and push. Get ready for the next fight!

~Jevallye’ Beverly

Image Credit © Sweet Dreams Andrea De Stefani via sxc. hu


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