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G.O. Ministry Report

The G.O. Ministry stands for Gateway Outreach. We are taking church to the communities. It’s time for the church to arise! The name comes from the commandment Jesus gave in Mark 16:15 saying,

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation” (NIV).

We go out every single week ministering to people from various walks of life. We want them to know Jesus cares about them. When we go, we give out bags of food. This ministry is not only changing the people we meet, but also the people of Gateway!

We will post updates every week, so be expecting to hear a lot more about the awesome things God is doing in and through Gateway Believers Fellowship!


February 23, 2014


19 salvations total

Visited 30 homes, 23 bags of food, and 9 door knockers

70 people prayed for this week, including Oasis, hospital, and streets of Hartwell


March 8, 2014


12 salvations

52 bags of food given out

89 doors knocked on by the team


March 15, 2014


3 salvations

Knocked on 54 doors today

25 bags of groceries given

25 door knockers placed on doors of people who weren’t home

22 people were prayed for


Image Credit ©Tammy Sanders


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