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How To Be A Big Wheel

I have heard some people described as being a big wheel. This  is said about people who is thought of as important. It means they have influence. They make things happen. I do not understand this phrase. I am sure a big wheel looks impressive. But what can a big wheel do alone? Doesn’t it usually take more than one wheel to make anything significant happen?

I have learned a lot in the last few years about what it truly means to work together for a greater purpose. I am part of a team of writers through Gateway Believers Fellowship. The Celebration articles go out all over the United States. They are also read in several countries as well. What if one person had the job of writing, editing, and publishing all of the articles alone? The readers would be limited to what they would experience from the web site. The lone writer may experience burn out from being over worked. It takes the entire team to be the most fruitful.

Gateway Believers Fellowship has many outreaches. Another is made up of teams who go out every week. The team hands out groceries. Christian literature is given. We offer to get them a Bible if they would like one.  People are healed through prayer. Most of all, many receive Christ as their savior.  What if only one person went out witnessing? One is good. More is better. I don’t  see myself as a wheel. I think I am more of a cog. A cog is a small part of a wheel. It helps the wheel have motion. It has a minor but necessary part in a large process.

We all as the Body of Christ have a part. We are all needed. It doesn’t matter if we are a big wheel, or a cog. What matters is that we are faithful. I am proud to be a part of the teams I am blessed to work with. They know how to flow in unity. There is one purpose in mind. Christ is lifted up and exalted in everything that is done. This is a picture of the Kingdom of God in motion. I challenge you to connect where you see work being done that honors Jesus. You may be the missing part that is needed. The rewards are limitless. The results are everlasting. Together we can make a difference. Roll on!

~Connie Robinson

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