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Good Company

I decided to revisit some old friends in The Bible that I have read and heard about before. I looked for some who had great destiny and purpose, but had missed it on the way to fulfilling them. I felt they could help me in my own journey. I started with David. He was a guy after God’s own heart. I like that God called him when he was taking care of sheep. David was a tough dude. He killed lions and bears with his hands to protect his flock. If he were alive today, he could have his own TV show. However, David had a problem with his flesh. Along comes this hot chick named Bathsheba. His flesh won out when she was the prize. Some hard times followed. In the end, David not only ruled people, but more importantly, he learned to rule himself.

Then there was Moses. God spoke to him from a bush that was on fire, but not burning up. That will get your attention! When God called him, Moses yelled, “Here I am!” I ‘am sure he was excited! Then when God tells Moses what he was to do, his “Here I am” turned into “Who, me?”  The excuses begin. God finally tells him that Aaron can go with him to help the brother out.  However, Moses still had to obey. His insecurities had to take a back seat to Gods plan.

Now let’s look at Peter. He walked with Jesus. He saw the miracles  first hand. He had a front row seat when Jesus was teaching. He blew it. Jesus told Peter that he was going to deny him. You would think that would make him be on guard not to do that! I mean, if Jesus told him he was going to do it, he was going to do it. This is one time when a rooster was a serious wake-up call. I bet Peter never ate another drum stick after that! He repented. He became one of the most courageous witnesses  for Christ there was. His love for Jesus won out over his fear.

We all have a God-given assignment. Before we were born, God had our purpose and destiny planned out. We learn what it is and the steps we are to take by spending time in prayer. The Bible is a great source of help also. God may not speak to you from a burning bush, but He will speak. Maybe you have tried before and failed. God is waiting for you to begin again. You may have a hundred reasons why you will fail at what it is God has placed in your heart to do. I can think of one great reason why you can, His name is Jesus. What God says about you is more powerful than what you think of yourself. All He needs are hearing ears, willing hearts, and hands to work. You will be in good company.

~Connie Robinson

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  1. Great writing! You have a nice way of putting things. God bless you.

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