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Faith and Family

Every year the first Sunday in June, we have the Robinson family reunion. I consider myself really blessed, because I grew up in a family with faith in God. My daddy had ten sisters and two half brothers. My grandfather died when I was one, so I never knew him.

My Grandmother was a very special lady. She was a dedicated pentecostal Christian. Being a widow with so many children she really had faith in God. When we would visit her every night before we went to bed, she would read the Bible and we all knelt down and prayed. She always led by example. You could feel God’s love when you were with her.

It’s such a blessing to be part of a family that flows in peace and unity. Each year at the family reunion, we reminisce of past gatherings. We laugh, cry, hug, and love on each other. It’s a time of celebration with good food and fellowship.

As the years have passed, only two of my aunts are living. The family has grown and now I’m part of the older generation. My grandmother believed God’s Word in the book of Acts. It reads, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy household.” ~ Acts 16:31 When we prayed at her house, she would  ask God to save her whole family. God has been faithful to our family in each generation.

What a blessing it is to be part of God’s family. He is a good Father, taking care of His children. Like any family we have had our share of ups and downs, tragedies and triumps, but our foundation of faith has never shaken.

Maybe you came from a disfunctional family and wish things would have been different. It’s never too late to start. God can, and does, work miracles. He can turn things around no matter what the circumstances. Begin today. Pray for your family and its future generations.  The Lord will bless you and your family as you commit to Him.

~Ricky Robinson

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