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Fine Tuned

You have to almost envy a two-year-old. When they want something, they yell. If you offer them something they do not care for, they yell. Lucky for us adults, the screams are distinct. You should not fault the small child. This is the way they express themselves. We all like to pamper our flesh. If we are honest, we would enjoy behaving like that ourselves at times. A forty-year-old lying on the floor screaming for a cookie would look pretty strange. We can sometimes behave like a spiritual toddler. This happens when we are constantly listening to our flesh. We are made up of three parts. We are a spirit. That is the real us. We have a soul. The soul is made up of our mind, will, and emotions. We live in a body.

When we become born again, our spirit is to become the ruling factor in our lives. This does not happen overnight. Limitations come from our flesh. The flesh can keep us from becoming what we are capable of being spiritually. We are accustomed to following our own selfish desires. When we are a child, our wants rule. When we become Christians, it is possibe to grow beyond that way of thinking. Flesh produces a selfish life. The more I am learning to put my spiritual life and calling before carnal comforts and selfish desires, the more fulfilled I am.

I do not enjoy getting up early on Saturday mornings to go out witnessing. I would rather stay home and be lazy. But, once I get out there, it becomes the most enjoyable day! I am always more blessed than the people we minister to. What an honor to be a small part of something so close to God’s heart. This is not to say that we are to ignore our body or mind. We are to take care of them and strive to improve them. We are wonderfully designed by God. However, we should be careful to stay more tuned in to our spirit. Our flesh is to be notified, but not consulted as to what God is speaking to us. There are ways be developed to hear what Holy Spirit is speaking to us. One of these ways is to have a consistent prayer life. Spend time not only talking to God, but taking time to hear Him speak also. Study the Bible. What God tells you will always line up with His Word. Allow yourself to be mentored by those who are more spiritually mature. What we gain in our flesh is temporary. What we achieve while being led by God’s direction is everlasting. I have not fully arrived. I am listening. I am being fine-tuned.

~Connie Robinson

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