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Lick and a Promise

~Colossians 3:23 “Whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.”

I decided it was a good day for some serious housework. There would be no cutting corners. The hard-to-reach areas would not be skipped. When I was growing up, adults would say they were going to give something “a lick and a promise.” That meant they were going to hit a lick at it and promise to do better next time.

I started my cleaning mission with five different cleansers. I had rubber gloves and a step stool handy. There were old tooth brushes for small places. I used elbow grease and determination. The first rooms were shining! I admired my outcome with pride. A break was needed before continuing to the rest of the house. Finally, the other rooms were started. The job did not seem as important as it did earlier. The house did not look in need of such a vigorous cleaning anymore. The zeal was gone. Now, it was just a chore. I finished with “a lick and a promise.”

We can develop that same attitude with our work for the Lord. We become excited when we hear about a project at church. We readily volunteer. The first few times, most people show up early.  Prayer and preparation have been a big part of getting started. This determination for excellence sometimes changes. Less people show up. Excuses are made. The mission suffers for lack of dicipline and zeal. At times, the project may end up being dropped all together. Surrounding yourself with mature, dedicated Christians is a must. Seeing their motivation and listening to them is an encouragement for you to do your best also.

This is working in my own life. I am involved in various things at Gateway Believers Fellowship. I am impressed and encouraged by the attitude of serving and working I see there. A church should always have outreaches. It is to be an example of Christ. Helping others and meeting needs is a huge part of that. A community should be better because of the churches in its area. We can make a difference. A productive lifestyle can not be accomplished with an attitude with of getting by on “a lick and a promise.”

~Connie Robinson

Image Credit © Scrubbing brush and rag Ronny Satzke via free

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