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Lord, Help My Unbelief

The children of Israel were rebuked for their unbelief for limiting the Holy One of Israel. God had shewed them His mighty power over and over again. He had performed many miracles in their sight day after day. Most people agree seeing is believing. It sounds logical doesn’t it? Every day they were led by a cloud and at night by a pillar of fire.

The Lord was showing them signs and wonders. Yet they were full of doubt and unbelief. I’ve often wondered how could they not have believed God. It’s easy to judge others. We say; ” If it was me I would believe”. Saying we have faith and walking it out is sometimes a horse of a different color. When we are facing a need the pressures begin. We usually try to figure out a way we can work it out. We rack our brains trying to come up with a solution.

Then comes the parade of thoughts, the what ifs. Oh, if I don’t get the money I may lose my house. I will be homeless. Where can I go? What will people think of me? We get bombarded by thoughts of doubt and unbelief. Whoa! It’s time to rewind and regroup. We have let our carnal mind take over and now we are having a hard time believing God. It’s natural or human nature to try and figure things out. One benefit of natural thinking is our ability to recall past experiences. This is where we learn to grow in faith to believe God beyond what we see or think.

Can God lie? No. Can God fail? No. Is God faithful? Yes. Can God do the impossible? Yes.  Does God care? Yes. Hasn’t He always been faithful to His Word? Yes. We have the mind of Christ we have to use it. As we stand in faith we learn how to develop and grow to believe and recieve.

~Ricky Robinson

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