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Unlimited Harvest

A few years ago, my husband and I went to California on vacation. We did the regular tourist things. A stroll was taken down Rodeo drive. We enjoyed a tour of the stars’ homes. We took a trip to Universal Studios. We also saw this as an opportunity to experience new spiritual settings.

We attended a conference. It was being held by three famous ministers. I have to admit, I found it rather boring and dry. We went to some services held in a huge warehouse. There were strange hair colors and styles. There were many piercings and tattoos. It was anything but boring. I felt that these people were maybe too casual.  At both of these places, something was missing.

Ricky and I had prayed about where to go. California and these places seemed to be the answer. On the flight home, I asked the Lord what it was He was trying to teach me. The answer bursted my religious bubble.The people at the conference and the ones at the church could not have been more different. The conference had been upper class, stuffy, suit and tie. You almost felt as if you were at a formal affair.

The warehouse setting had been very radical. God told me I was prejudiced. I explained to Him how that couldn’t be true. I pointed out that the church I belonged to was multi-racial. I even mentioned the two rows of bikers there. What I said actually proved his point. I had placed labels on these people.

I saw in my mind three cans. One was a can of corn. One was beans. The last can had the label torn off. We as churches sometimes concentrate on one type of people. This limits who we can touch. We go after the type of people we are comfortable with. The can without a label represented the harvest God wants us to go after.God doesn’t want us to recognize color, financial status, or outward appearance. He only wants us to see the harvest. I am proud to belong to a church which operates in this manner. We are made up of people from all walks of life.Therefore, we are expecting to always produce an unlimited harvest.

~Connie Robinson

Image Credit © Tammy Sanders

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