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Being Prepared

I have heard people say that they are not concerned with the challenges of the day. They said they do not watch bad news. At first, I thought they must be more spiritual than me. Then I thought about David and Goliath, You find them in 1st Samuel, the seventeeth chapter. David was a young boy who took care of sheep. That sounds like a peaceful job for the most part.

His father sent him to the battle field to take food to his brothers. He was to bring back news of what was happening in the battle. He was then to return to his five sheep. When he got to where his brothers were, he was told about the enemy’s plan. He could have said it wasn’t his concern. He was just there to deliver lunch, and be a news carrier. His father had not told him to go kill a nine foot tall giant and be home by dinner. After all, he had sheep to pet.

Instead he took five smooth stones and his sling shot. He defeated the giant. Things would have ended differently if not for his actions. He did not keep his eyes on the size of the giant. He knew the size of his God.

Let’s look at another example. She was an orphan girl names Esther. God used her cousin, Mordecai, to get her right where she was destined to be. She had become the wife of king Ahasuerus. She made it her business to be aware of the enemy. She was a queen. She could have easily turned her head. Instead, she fasted and prayed. Not only did she pray, but she had the others to pray also. God gave them the victory because of her faith.

We aren’t to live in fear. We also aren’t to fail to pray. We need to know the devices of the enemy. This helps us know better how to pray. We are to declare as David did. The same God who has delivered us many times will deliver us today. We are to pray until we see the victory. The shield of faith and the sword of the spirit are ours to use. We are to boldly approach our King as Esther did.

Who is to say that we didn’t come into the Kingdom for such a time as this?

~Connie Robinson

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