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Most everybody has seen the bumper sticker which reads, ” I’m spending my children’s inheritance.”

As a parent and grandparent we want to see our children blessed. Our desire is for them to be successful and prosperous.

All of us have had to face some hard and challenging times. When my wife and I got married in 1970, the economy was pretty bad. I had just recently been discharged from the Marine Corps. The Vietnam war was winding down and jobs were scarce.

We set up house with only one hundred dollars and I was drawing unemployment. Money was tight. We were a young couple facing the challenges of life and marriage. The years have come and gone.

I had a career working for CSX Railroad. We raised two children and now have eight grandchildren. Forty- four years is a long time. Over the years there have been many ups and downs, storms and calms. Our foundation has always been our relationship with the Lord. Our ship would have sank a long time ago without Him in our lives.

We would love to leave our children and grandchildren with a nice inheritance.A godly inheritance is more valuable than all the silver and gold.

No matter how much money you have it sometimes is not a solution. It can’t buy you health, peace, wisdom, or contentment. Only a relationship with the Lord is the answer when facing life’s challenges. He is always there and faithful in every situation.

I encourage you to teach your children and grandchildren to have faith in God.

It’s the only foundation that will last for all generations to come. He hath remembered His covenant forever, the word He commanded to a thousand generations. ~Psalms 105:8

~ Ricky Robinson

Image Credit © Tammy Sanders

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