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Born to Die

Once upon a time some friends of mine bought a little piggy. This piggy had a specific purpose when he was bought. He was born to die. He came to live on a farm. He had a nice place to live and was given very good food to eat. Days and months passed by. Little piggy grew up into big piggy.

His big day was here. He was to be transferred to a new place. We built a chute out of pallets to drive him up into the truck so he could be taken to the butcher.

This is where the trouble began. He was poked and prodded. There was a small gap in the pallets and he charged through a barbed wire fence and came out unscathed. No matter what we did, he would find a hole and there he would go. On this day, big piggy didn’t go to market.

My friends ended up having to call for help to see what the best solution was for piggy. Come to find out, the chute made for piggy had holes in it. We found out if the pig could see a way out he would escape and plow right through it.

So, another plan had to be made. Our friend got another trailer lower to the ground and covered all sides so he couldn’t see a way out. The piggy went right up without a problem. His purpose was to die.

Jesus had a purpose also. He knew who He was from a young age. He was always about His father’s business. People misunderstood Him. They misunderstood His purpose, but He never wavered.

Look at John, Peter, and all the others. They were called by God to do the work of the ministry. Did they do it? I would say, “Yes.”

As Christians, we have a purpose. Just like the pig, many times we do look for a way out. Our purpose is to die not to look for a way out.

But don’t be disheartened!

Even Jesus was human. ~Matthew 26:39 says, “Going a little farther, He fell with His face to the ground and prayed. “My Father if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will.”

Since we know what our purpose is, we should keep going up the chute. It hurts to go up, but like a good soldier we must keep marching.

~Tammy Sanders

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