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My parents used to attend the church I did, but left. They tried for a very long time to get me to come and visit their church, now Gateway. I wouldn’t come because I did not want to leave and follow them.  For a while I had sensed something was missing at the church I was attending. I had no clue what it was. I had no clue about anything. I now know that I wasn’t being fed.

I had been going  to Gateway for several months and I can remember the day that sealed the deal for me. Apostle David came before the congregation one morning and spoke to us about God’s timing in everything. It is not enough to do good things. We need to do God things at God’s time and not ours. He apologized in front of the whole congregation for purchasing a van before God had told him to. I could not believe it! First of all, he was a man and he apologized for something. In all my years, I have never heard of a man apologizing for anything!

Second, he stood and admitted stepping out of God’s timing in front of EVERYONE! I thought to myself, there are a lot of preachers who could take a lesson or two from him. Most preachers I have met would NOT EVER DARE to CONFESS a fault they had to anyone! From that point on my boys and I attended Gateway and I have never looked back.

Apostle David is a man of conviction, integrity, and compassion. He stands before the congregation each service feeding us the truth of God’s Word and not some watered down, feel good message. Sometimes his messages hurt because it is the truth and we do not want to admit to it. There were numerous times where I swear he has read my mail because he has hit the bulls eye! Personally, being raised military, I prefer the swift  kick in the pants so to speak, that will get me on the right track. I have never wanted fluff in my life.

Apostle David doesn’t beat around the bush and leave you wondering, “What in the heck was he talking about?” He tells you like it is and that is how I like it. Yes, it hurts but when a tree or bush is pruned, the plant goes into a type of shock but then they start to grow stronger and bear more fruit. You cannot grow unless you are pruned. Your character cannot be shaped unless you are pruned.

~Ronda Sullivan

Image Credit © Tammy Sanders

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