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Learning to Walk

Our little great-niece, Anna Lynn, took her first steps this week. You would have thought that she had won the Nobel Peace Prize. Photos and videos of the big event were all over the place. I watched on Facebook and clapped and cheered her on with the rest of the family.

We all expected her to walk someday. Still, we couldn’t have been prouder. This caused me to reflect back on a walk I began over forty years ago. The excitement was much the same. It started with a walk down the aisle of a church. I gave my heart to Jesus.

I didn’t fully understand where this journey would take me, or what all it involved. I just knew I wanted nothing more.

My church family is a true blessing in my life. I have seen an impressive balance at Gateway Believers Fellowship. We are taught and challenged to grow. We are expected to mature. We walk along beside one another. If someone does fall, there are many hands there reaching down to help you up.

Anna Lynn will enjoy her journey now, as she has found a tool to help her. I am enjoying my spiritual journey as well. Who knows, maybe someday I will leave a trail that will help others on their path. We are to all keep our eyes on Jesus. He will lead us to the prize set before us. He alone is the author and finisher of our faith. Come walk with me.

~Connie Robinson

Image Credit © Tammy Sanders

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