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Life In A Box

Life is an adventure. Enjoy the journey. Each day is an amazing opportunity. These are things I say to myself and others. However, I stopped repeating it for a time. Major challenges came into my life. It seemed I couldn’t get over one before another came. I have faith. I am a fighter, I know who I am in Christ. I have been blessed with miracles in the past. But my mind became weak.

The stress overtook me. I began to retreat. I withdrew from everyone. I didn’t  have the strength for day-to-day talks. I put myself in an emotional box. At first it was a welcome escape. I didn’t have to explain anything. Strength wasn’t necessary. I would remain in my hiding place until the problems went away. The more you remove yourself from others, the more normal it becomes.

There is no light inside of a box. Fellow believers won’t know how to pray for you. They don’t have the knowledge of what you are facing. The enemy will begin to tell you that they don’t care. Thoughts that others are more able to do what you are called to do are rehearsed in your mind. I began to think about Joseph. He found himself in a pit.He too was isolated. I am sure he saw himself out of the pit spiritually before he experienced it in the natural. That is what I did, I started thanking God for the victories before they were reality.

Praise to Him. He made me desire to tear down the walls that I had built. My church family and others had never stopped lifting me up in prayer. Joseph had to have others lift him out of the place he found himself in. God places other believers into our lives. You will find that they are eager to help you. I can not promise that there will never be sorrow. I can say that you won’t be left to face it alone. God is always a prayer away. He also has people who are ready to pray with you.  Life truly is an adventure. We can enjoy the journey. Each day is an amazing opportunity. Tear down the walls. Let the light shine into your life.

~Connie Robinson

Image Credit Box 3 © Pascal THAUVINvia

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