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As we age, it has become normal to expect our vision to decline. It is said that our eyes grow weaker. I have had some vision challenges. I appreciate being able to see. I used to take vision for granted. I feel that as Christians mature, the opposite should be true of our spiritual vision. It should progress. It should become easier for us to see and recognize what God desires to reveal to us. God opens our hearts, minds, and eyes by vision.

This spiritual vision will take us to new levels of faith. Paul Harvey once said, “A blind man is bound by the limits of his touch. An ignorant man is bound by the limits of his knowledge. A great man is bound by the limits of his vision.”

I was thinking about how unwise it would be for me to decide to drive with my eyes open only during half of the trip. I can assure you that wouldn’t work out well for anyone involved. However, how often have I done that in my Christian journey? Living without clear focus. That, too, is unwise. A sure direction from God causes something inside of you to come alive. You begin to find purpose and meaning.

We experience this at our church during corporate prayer times. What an awesome thing when the Body comes together in one mind and one accord. You can also find direction for your life during private prayer time spent alone in the presence of God. God is more than ready to speak to us. We have to be willing to take time to listen.

Jesus Christ is to be our pattern for all things. God has a vision He is waiting to reveal to you. If you are not yet a Christian, I can assure you that as you give your life to Christ, He will show you an amazing path that you could not imagine on your own.

We should seek God for a vision for ourselves, our family, and for our church. There are steps that can help you achieve this. They are pray, listen, meditate, and believe. Then begin to move forward toward seeing your vision become a reality. There is a wonderful journey ahead for you. Can you see it?

~Habakkuk 2:2 “And The Lord answered me and said, Write the vision. And make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.”

~Connie Robinson

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