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The Price of Gold

The elastic has gone out of the dollar. It doesn’t stretch as far as it once did. I used to get coffee for a quarter a cup. That hardly pays the tax on one now. I do not understand the stock market. Pat Boone wants me to buy gold. A different celebrity is sure I should invest in silver. Greece is trying to decide which currency is right for them. It is a lot to take in.

I miss simpler times. Back then, my biggest investment decision was whether I should purchase the Merita or Sunbeam bread at the A&P. That store is torn down today.

I think it is important to keep up with what is happening in the world of finance. There is another aspect of money that I find even more important. The Word teaches us to be givers of our resources. The Lord will direct us as to how to be good stewards of our income. It is wisdom to put God first in all things. That includes our money. The tithe belongs to the church. We are also to practice the giving of offerings as part of our personal financial distribution. God will show us how to do this as we seek His guidance in prayer. The Bible is full of stories of how our giving pleases God. I have found that it is impossible for us to out give Him. I also know that His dividends are out of this world. Even though I realize that there is no sure way for me to know what the future holds, it gives me great peace to know the one who holds my future. Now that is an investment I can bank on.

~Connie Robinson

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