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The Word is my Lifeline

The storms of life have been swirling around me lately. When storms come to most people, they retreat. They quit doing what they know they should. Let the whining and complaining commence. As for me, I have been hanging on to the Word of God.

When you think about it, the Word of God is your lifeline. With the storm I am in, I can’t rely on my intellect. I can’t rely on what other people have said. I have to grab ahold of the Word and not let go.

God’s Word has been a safe haven in the midst of my confusion, questions, exhaustion, and sickness. Even when I haven’t had the strength to do much of anything, I have been clutching a book filled with scriptures on encouragement, faith, and contentment because those are some things I desperately need.

That sounds a little ironic, doesn’t it? It’s confusing to the human mind when you do the opposite of what circumstances want you to. It confuses the enemy when you stand strong in the face of opposition. It confuses him when you release faith-filled words!

The more you feed on God’s Word, the stronger you become. Even though you are still battling the storm, things are changing. I can say that because I have witnessed it in my own life many times before, but especially this week. All last week I had no energy. I couldn’t even put my clothes on. Today, I am starting to feel like myself again. I have a burst of energy that I deeply appreciate.

If you are going through a storm, hang on! Get in the Word and don’t forsake it. Let it be a guiding light in the midst of chaos. God’s Word never changes! I challenge you to humble yourself and admit, “I can’t do this on my own. I need you, God.” His Word is there to rescue you from whatever hell you are facing.

~Madison Sanders

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