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One More Time

water-skiing-1356609I remember as a teenager we would all go to the lake to go boating and skiing. I watched as the grownups learned to ski, and I knew that’s what I wanted to do, too.

My day finally came to learn to ski and daddy told me to hold on and pull up when the rope got tight. I tried and wasn’t successful.

My daddy would always just laugh every time I fell. It made me so mad! I cried each and every time that I failed.

Every time he would laugh it just spurred me on to keep getting up. On the inside of me I was saying, “I will get up.” All along I was getting stronger mentally, emotionally, and physically.

One day, I finally got up on my skis for a few minutes.

Deep inside of me I knew if I could get up once it was just a matter of time before I stood up and mastered the art of skiing.

In our everyday battles we must keeping getting up one more time. In due season we will reap if we faint not. When it seems like you’ve lost all hope, you are getting stronger. When it seems like your circumstances aren’t changing, they will because you are trusting in God’s grace to continue the fight.

The enemy of the world would like to keep us down, but he can’t. God is bigger. He can and will do more than we could ask or think according to His Word.

~Isaiah 40:31 “But the people who trust the Lord will become strong again. They will be able to rise up as an eagle in the sky. They will run without needing rest. They will walk without becoming tired.”

Get up one more time and watch God show out on your behalf!

~Tammy Sanders

Image Credit  Water Skiing © Maree Waldhuter Via

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