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What is Your Mindset?

Carol Dweck wrote a book titled, “Mindset”. It was a required reading for us for last school year. I have no idea if the author is a Christian, but she has done the research that shows that there are two different types of mindsets. The first one is the fixed mindset. The second one is the growth mindset. She gives lots of examples of famous people or companies that we all have heard of.

I found it interesting that you could see these mindsets in the church today as well. On one side, people who have a fixed mindset do not want to grow. They do not want any input that will help them to grow. They believe that they are talented superstars with no need for change. They blame others when they do not succeed. People with a fixed mindset do not want to try or work hard at things. Sound like anyone or churches you might know?

On the other hand, those with the growth mindset realize that they are not perfect. When they are corrected, they take the information and use it to work harder to reach their goal. Failure does not cause them to quit trying. They keep setting goals  and work hard to achieve them. Leaders who have the growth mindset help their people grow and be the best they can be. They listen to them for input. They are not afraid that someone will take the limelight away from them.

As I read this book I could see myself at one point in my life. Before Gateway Believers Fellowship, I had a fixed mindset  of failure. My marriage failed, so I must be a failure. Over the years while attending Gateway, I have learned to change my mindset.

Gateway is a place full of the growth mindset. This energy pulsates from the pulpit, classrooms, and parking lot. Looking back at all of the people who have passed through the doors, I realize that they had a fixed mindset about growing in God.

When you hear the truth of God’s Word, it is totally up to you as to whether or not you want to grow and change or stay just the way you are. I want to change to be the best that I can be while I am alive. Do I like correction? HECK NO! Is it painful? Oh, yeah! When you are corrected, how will you respond? Religion will tell you that you are okay the way you are. God’s Word will bring life and cause you to change if you let it.

God wants His church to flow in the fullness of His truth and glory. God’s church is not preaching to please those with the fixed mindset. He wants His church to grow and to fulfill its Kingdom purpose.  Let’s take every opportunity to grow with God!

~Ronda Sullivan

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