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Simple Things

1 Corinthians 1:27 “….but God has chosen the simple (foolish) things of the world to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to shame the things which are strong…”

I often say that I am a simple woman. Not that I’m ignorant or dumb. Only that I don’t require much to be satisfied. A friend of a friend of mine and I had a brief dialogue via FB messenger. The content and conversation was short and to the point, but in the midst of exchanging words, the use of the word “merely” arose. “Merely” is a word I use synonymous with “simply.” I like it. Because I believe what enables us to be “good” at anything, to include relationships in general, are SIMPLE things. Our society and norms now-a-days are riddled with making SIMPLE things very COMPLICATED.
Simple things – Faith. Asking. Listening. Loyalty. Honesty. Integrity. Love. Forgiveness. Repentance. Trust.

We allow “complicated” to be our “scapegoat,” the just cause of not acting on simple things. You know what I’m saying:

our justification for NOT doing the things we know to be right,

our justification for wasting time on our fruitless thoughts, well-intended plans, lusts and desires,

our justification to disregard others and live solely for what we want, feel and find convenient,

our pathetic justification to waste time & energy on the things we cannot control,

our justification for lacking self-discipline with the things we don’t want to control, glorifying rebellion & being renegades,

our justification for remaining stagnant when we’re afraid or uncertain,

our justification for not living the word of God,

our justification for holding onto things we should release.

The real “misnomer” is that we want “simple” to be synonymous with “easy” and, the truth is, it isn’t. Not in all cases. Especially not with relationships, growth, maturity and the intangible things that create strong relationships. I haven’t arrived in all areas of my life. I’ve learned and AM LEARNING that keeping simple things simple in the midst of truly complicated matters is a challenge. But it is also the conditioning I require, knowing that choosing SIMPLE will enable me to move forward, stand upright for what I know & believe to be righteous and gain strength from it.

I am not misleading you. These simple things require work. They require appropriate boundaries. They require time. They require passion. They require a sharing – a give & take. They require commitment & discipline. They aren’t always popular, but they always draw you closer to those – God, Christ and others – you want to be close to, creating a bond that’s not easily broken.
I’ve made up my mind that I won’t let “complicated” rob me of the strength, relationships & victories SIMPLE brings. And I don’t need recognition for it. I don’t need a popularity vote. I don’t need notoriety. I don’t need everyone’s approval. I’m not saying it shouldn’t be valued and honored, only that it doesn’t require a parade. See, SIMPLE things SHOULD BE the norm!

What this Sustah needs AND what you need is to keep SIMPLE THINGS SIMPLE . . . and I bet we’ll all grow stronger together.

Have Faith in yourself, God & others. Ask. Listen. Be Loyal. Be Honest. Have Integrity. Love. Forgive. Repent. Trust.
What about you? How well do you keep SIMPLE THINGS SIMPLE?

~ Vickie Bowman

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