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In science, there are two types of changes that can take place. These changes are physical and chemical changes. Water goes through a physical change when we boil it, freeze it, and melt it. It never changes what it is. When baking a cake, you put in your flour, butter, sugar, eggs, and cocoa. The ingredients are mixed up and poured in a baking dish. Then it is placed in the oven and comes out a totally different product. God has been dealing with me about the change.

We all have those years that you do not ever want to repeat. Two years ago, my year started with two surgeries in January that were six days apart. Dealing with the side effects of the anesthesia for several weeks was hard. Then mom had brain surgery in May and TI’s in June. There were severe issues at work. All of this on top of college for my doctoral degree. My focus was transferring from where it needed to be to my circumstances. I was like the water, making what I thought were the changes I needed, moving from one form to another.

Only I realized that I was just taking a different form, I was not changing. I was still overwhelmed, fearful, anxious, depressed, oppressed, suicidal, and a conglomerate of other emotions. I realized that I needed to go through a chemical change. When we take the ingredients: Prayer, God’s Word, worship, and stir them all together, you create something from the inside out. The bubbles are taken out. The ingredients mesh together to create something fantastic to see and be a part of. Going through an outward, physical change is not a bad thing but for real, lasting change to occur, you need to take the ingredients for change and work them together to become the masterpiece that God has created you to be.

~Ronda Sullivan

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