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What’s on Your Plate?

I love fall. I look forward to that first nip of cold in the air. This is the time of year when we come together for wonderful meals. Even the most careful eater will usually have an extra taste of their favorite dish. I had been feeling overwhelmed. It seemed I had a lot on my plate.

I am not talking about a meal either. I am referring to the business of life. I needed help to cope with the stress, so I called on God. That is when my adventure began.

I have spent hours in doctor’s waiting rooms. My husband has had some medical issues, and I accompany him to his visits and procedures. The Lord impressed me to begin noticing others waiting. I met a lady who was afraid and alone. She was concerned about her health. I listened to her talk about her condition. I had the opportunity to quietly pray for her.

There was a young cashier at Wal-Mart. The line was long. She was less than pleasant. People were being impatient. I was judging her attitude as she was checking me out. Then I looked in her eyes. I told her I liked her bracelet. She muttered a thank you. I asked if she was ok. She began to tell me this was her first day as a cashier, and she was nervous. She  said she didn’t think she could do her job. I pointed out to her how smoothly the line was moving. I told her I was impressed with how she was handling the situation.

As I walked away, I looked back. She was smiling at the next customer. Then there was the young mom in the grocery store. Her small kids were being a challenge. I took time to talk to them. They calmed down. Jesus instructs us in Matthew 25:35 to feed the hungry. Sometimes people are hungry for something other than food. We must remember that we represent the Kingdom of God. We are to be salt and light. We must be a person that someone is blessed to encounter.

Look around you. There are wonderful assignments awaiting you. Maybe your plate is full like mine. Make it a feast of opportunity. There really is something to the old saying, “What would Jesus do?” I think He would have talked to the angry teenager who was having a bad day, too. What do you think?

~Connie Robinson

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