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Honorable Mention

We at church have been focusing on preparing for the prodigals to return to the house of God.

You can find the story of such a prodigal in Luke 15:11-32. It is a true picture of the Heavenly Father’s love. We are praying, expecting, and believing for many such people to return to God and fellowship with other believers.

There is a character in the story of the prodigal who gets little more than an honorable mention. He could have played a vital role in this story of redemption and restoration. His focus on self kept him from doing so. The part each individual plays in this process is left up to them.

The one who had stayed home became upset about the the attention given to the lost brother’s return. He had an issue with the fatted calf. I am sure he had enjoyed many such meals while his brother was away. He was welcomed to share in this feast as well.

Did he favor this calf over the others? Maybe he spent time and energy caring for it? His loved one’s safe return should have been more important. What would this calf represent to you today? A project you have worked hard on? Could it be your favorite place to sit in service? How about your convenient parking spot? What part will you play in the return of a prodigal? Will you be content to just be an honorable mention in the story of restoration? We must keep in mind that we are to build the Kingdom of God. We can only be successful in doing this when we realize it is not about us.

The father also placed a robe on his son. To me, this represents a covering. We are to cover others with our prayers. They also need to feel our love and support. Only a mature Christian will be willing to pour themselves into another’s life this way.

There was also a ring placed on his finger upon his return by the father. A ring represents covenant. Covenant is an agreement or promise. Apostle David reminds us that our church body can only be as strong as the relationships within it. God doesn’t take covenants lightly. Neither should we. The prodigals are returning.  Praise God! They will be welcomed and celebrated by us. We as a body are excited. We are preparing. I don’t want to be just an honorable mention in this process.

Maybe you are a prodigal. If so, you can be assured that you are loved. You are missed. You have an important place in the Body of Christ. You matter more than you realize. Come on home. We are waiting. Let the celebration begin.

~Connie Robinson

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