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His House

God is building His house. It’s a house this world has never seen.

It’s a house of deliverance, a house of repentance, restoration, of change and transformation. A house full of miracles where the healing waters flow, where the saints are released, and His Glory is made known.

Solomon built a temple for God to live in according to what God told him. Solomon built a temple out of timber, stone, bronze, cypress, and cedar. Today, God is using His people.

The Bible says that we are the temple of the Holy Ghost. This is why we need to be purified and cleansed before we are fitly framed to into His temple.

Obedience, unity, forgiveness, and guarding our behavior are required. If we sin, we are to turn to Him and ask forgiveness. He is faithful and just.

Teach us, Father, to do what is right. I thank you, Father, for wisdom just like you gave Solomon. Lord, there is none like you. You keep your promises to all who obey you and are eager to do Your will.

Solomon prayed to God and this was the Lord’s response; “I have heard your prayer and request. I have set apart this Temple you are building so that My name will be honored forever. I will always watch over it and care for it.” ~1 Kings 9:3

Ever since I have been at Gateway, I wanted to know where I fit in the Body. I served wherever I was asked to serve until I matured enough, so I could be fitly framed. Just like the stones and timbers, we must be chiseled on before we can fit properly into His house.

When we are fitted we have to give up our way of thinking how things should be done. God is going to do what He wants to do, the way He wants to do it.

Lord, have your way in us. Prepare us to be your sanctuary, pure and holy, tried and true.

~Tammy Sanders

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