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Go Tell It – Oasis

God has been moving at Oasis Outreach! Oasis is our weekly outreach, held every Friday night at 7 p.m. in our C.E. building behind the church. Everyone who comes is served a hot meal and hears the Word of God. Everyone is welcome just as they are.

In just five weeks,  94 people have been filled or refilled with Holy Ghost!!! The vans are having to make two trips because so many kids are coming to the outreach.

Another amazing thing is the kids’ behavior. Kids who were being disruptive are now sitting quietly, hanging onto every word that is said. That usually doesn’t happen with kids! These kids are hungry for the power of God.

Below are some of the weekly updates:

Oasis Update: Nineteen filled with Holy Ghost tonight. Some of the kids who were filled last week were getting other kids filled tonight. Then those kids who were filled tonight were helping get others filled. Awesome sight to see and experience.

10/30/15 Oasis Outreach

114 in attendance on a Friday night. 13 filled with Holy Ghost. Apostle David’s first night preaching at Oasis Outreach. Praise God for all He’s doing and going to do.


Image Credit: © Gateway Believers Fellowship

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