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The Right Lever

I picked Lee up to head to the dentist one afternoon. Since I do not care for the smell of a dentist office I decided to wait in the car. No offense to dentists. I laid my seat back and relaxed while he went in for his extraction.

Now the funny part begins. Lee gets in the car and I am sitting there pulling every lever to get the seat to sit up. I am sitting there thinking, “How in the world am I going drive the vehicle back with the seat down?” So I get out of the car, pushed and pulled the levers again.

Still, nothing happens. Lee gets out of the vehicle to come around to assist me. I tell him to hold on while I check the levers on the passenger side. While I am inspecting I hear this familiar screeching plop sound. Lee pulled the lever and it came right up without a problem. The whole time I was pulling the wrong levers! I didn’t even see the big lever and I have had this vehicle for almost three years!

As I was typing this, the thought came that so many times when we try to do things in life our way we end up trying to force something to do what it wasn’t designed to do. That something can be anything –  even the Word of God. You can’t force God’s Word to do what it wasn’t meant to do. It just doesn’t work! You can only use the Word for what it was meant for. You can’t believe for things that do not line up with God’s Word. You CANNOT take things out of context to suit or justify your sin. First, sin is never justified! You cannot sugar coat the truth of the Word. Sure it is hard to swallow at times, but that is because it reveals the sin in your life. Watered-down scripture that pleases man only is not the gospel! So many are deceived to think they can do this part of the Word or that to get an outcome that it isn’t meant for. Just like the levers, there was only one true lever that would cause my seat to come up but I could not focus or figure out because I had become drowsy.

I believe that the Body of Christ has become drowsy and lazy when it comes to the truth of God’s Word. God’s Word cannot be taken out of context to suit us. When we do that we are left scratching our heads wondering why it didn’t work. The whole time the answer is sitting right in front of us. We just need to wake up, quit being lazy, and do what God said to do.

If you are truly seeking to live according to the Word you will do whatever it takes to do it. Not everyone truly wants to seek after God and His plans. They do not want to take the road less traveled because it is too hard and they would have to give up things. You have two choices in life to follow God or not follow Him. It is as easy as that. God will not force Himself on you, but He does love you. Choose you this day whom you will serve. Personally I choose the path God has for me. It may be hard and I have to continue to die to myself, but it will be well worth it in the end.

~Ronda Sullivan

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