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Keep the Change

I have often told the cashier to keep the change if it is going to be just a few pennies.  I never wonder if I made the wrong decision when I do this.  This has not been a struggle for me.  I go on about my day and don’t give it another thought.

There is change I am determined to keep however.  This is a different type of change. At Gateway Believers Fellowship, we know that we are in a transitional time.  There is an excitement and expectancy in the air. New people are coming into the church. We are seeing salvations and rededications.  The congregation as a whole is dedicated to growing and fulfilling the purpose of an Apostolic church.

There is a price to pay. We have counted the cost and are moving forward.  With this change must come commitment.  It isn’t to be taken lightly like the small “change” I leave at the register.  The New Testament is full of examples for us to follow to become the church Christ has called us to be. Holy Spirit is here to guide and teach us every step of the way.  What an exciting time to be part of God’s Kingdom!

Playing church is not our purpose as believers.  The house of God is not a social club or past time. We are to be God’s witnesses to a lost and dying world.  We can’t do that if we appear to be a lost and dying church. We are to rise up as a mighty army. Signs and wonders will follow those who truly believe.  This will require dying out to flesh. That will take courage, commitment, and time.  We must strengthen our spirit man because that is where all permanent change starts. The rewards will be worth the sacrifice.

Prayer and seeking God’s direction and help is needed as a body and as an individual.  He will not withhold from us as we draw near to Him. There is an army rising up.  I urge you to consider finding your part as we usher in what I believe will be the greatest move of God the earth has ever seen. I challenge you to take your place.

~ Connie Robinson

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