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Growing Forward

~Isaiah 52:13-15

“See, my servant will prosper; he will be highly exalted. Many were amazed when they saw Him — beaten and blooded, so disfigured one would scarcely know He was a person. And He will again startle many nations. Kings will stand speechless in His presence. For they will see what they had not previously been told about; they will understand what they had not heard.”

It’s transition time. Time for us to walk in unity with one another. In the house that God builds, He has provided all that we need. We don’t know the gifts of the person sitting next to us, but He does.

We must learn to trust, love, and respect the people that God has put us together with in His body. Also we must draw on each other’s gifts. If we do not, we are not helping the Body of Christ.

How do you know if you’re walking in the God kind of love?

Think back to the last person that got on your last nerve. Were you able to walk in love, peace, and unity? Did you revert back to your flesh nature and act like you know it all?

I refuse to let my old nature dominate me. I am growing in maturity. You know why? I choose to put off the old man and put on the new. The enemy wants us to revert back to that old nature to hinder our growth.

Are we willing to take a hard look at our self and say, “Oh God, it’s me that needs changing! Forgive me for looking at others’ faults and ignoring the ones in myself.”

I can’t change someone else. I can only change me. We are to be the light to world that we live in. In order to do that our spirit man must rise to the occasion. I’m not saying that we can’t get angry because we will. The Bible says, “Be angry and sin not.” God has a way to help us. As we pray in other tongues things are being birthed in us and through us that we can’t comprehend, but He can. We as the Body of Christ must trust in Him for this transition in time. He said, “If my people would humble themselves and pray, and turn from our wicked ways; He would heal our land.”

How long are we going to prolong the transition? We draw back from relationships because we are fearful of being hurt. Are we going to be like other generations and let this move of God pass us by? I don’t think so!  It’s up to us to make the necessary changes so we can be unified.

~Tammy Sanders

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