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Knock, Knock


Can you imagine this? A woman is getting ready to turn on her oven. She is a widow with a small child. There is no income and no job. She has found a trial size bag of corn meal and enough oil to cook it. There will be no more food after this. There is a famine in the land.

There comes a knock on the door. A stranger is standing there. He asks for water. Before she can get it, he tells her to fix him some bread first. Your child is sitting at the table, waiting to be fed.  This is a modern-day picture of the story we find happening in 1 Kings, chapter 17. The woman had no way of knowing who this stranger was, or what he was able to do for her. Nevertheless, she does as he said.

As a mother, I couldn’t have blamed her if she had sent him away. In fact, in the story, she tells Elijah that she and her son are going to eat this last meal and die. She saw starvation as their future. God had told Elijah that he had already spoken to this woman and told her to take care of him. What did she think when she heard this? Did she just push it out of her mind? I mean, God would know of her poor conditions. God could have sent his servant anywhere to be cared for. He could have instructed him to go where there was an abundance of food.  But God had a bigger plan.

Because she did as he said, she saw a miracle. The meal and oil kept reproducing and she and her son were never without food again. But there is more to the story. God had an even bigger miracle in store. The Bible does not tell us what this woman’s name was. I think it may be because what she did is more important than who she was.  True faith is when we act on evidence of things not seen.  Later on in the story, the son becomes very ill. The Bible says that his breath left him. I don’t know about you, but to me that means he died. Because of her obedience and sacrifice earlier, her son was healed.

Obedience and walking in faith is just as important for us.  How many promises, dreams and worse have died because we let our frustrations, fear, or circumstances rob our faith?  If this woman had not stretched her faith, the outcome could have been tragic.  I learn from this account the importance of hearing Gods voice. I also realize that to walk in faith when it isn’t easy to do so opens the door for miracles in my life.  Knock, knock. Who’s there?

~Connie Robinson

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