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God’s Sight

I would definitely say I’m one of those people who prides themselves on how well they pay attention to detail. But, every now and then I might miss something.

Several months ago, I go to start my car, but it won’t start. So, I go look at what I think the problem is, and sure enough a potentially bad problem has occurred. I fix it and try to start it up, No Bueno! I figure, “Maybe the potentially bad problem already started messing things up or maybe it’s just the battery”.

Nevertheless I decide I’m going to take care of both to be on the safe side. Over a two-day period I replace the old parts with new ones, and have the battery tested. Turns out the battery was bad! For about a year a random battery had been sitting in my garage. I still don’t know where it came from, but it was just the kind I needed for this car.

But it doesn’t end there. After I fixed and replaced all the damaged parts and the battery, I try to crank it. The car still won’t start. My only thought is, “I know this battery is good. Maybe it just needs a jump to get it going.” I pull a car up next to it and hook the cables up to battery. I go through the passenger’s side door to try and crank it one last time. As I reach over I put my hand down and notice the gear shift wasn’t all the way in park! HAHA! All I could do was laugh! But in that laughter I was seriously thanking God that I didn’t notice that earlier Because I would have never noticed the problem inside the engine.

In this situation only He knows what all He kept me from. I could have been in an accident or that bad battery might have died on me at a critical time. The list goes on and on. But at minimum the engine certainly would have been destroyed. The fact that He had that random car battery sitting in my garage knowing I’d need it now shows me this.

God can see so far beyond what we can see, so we might be better off trusting His eyes more than we trust ours. Instead of us looking at situations and saying, “This is what I need, this is when I need it, and this is how I need it.” Trust God.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not on your own understanding.” ~ Proverbs 3:5

~ Jevallye’ Beverly

Image Credit: Starting the car © Bev Lloyd-Roberts LRPS via

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