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Lessons From a Bird

~ Matthew 6:26 “Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather unto barns, yet their heavenly Father feedeth them, and are you not much better than they?”

Worrisome thoughts were racing through my mind like they were running a marathon. An aunt had died. A friend was waiting for results of medical tests. I had concerns about a family member.

A bird caught my eye. He happily hopped around before taking flight. I thought how nice to be that carefree. I decided to do some birdwatching. Instead of binoculars, I reached for my Bible. I found over 300 mentions of birds in scripture. Jesus himself used them for illustrations.

Birds often travel in flocks. A flock is defined as, “a group assembled or traveling together.” In Acts 20:28, the church is referred to as a flock. I recognized that a flock of birds have attributes needed in the church. They mostly form in winter. The church should too. I am not talking about cold weather. I am speaking of hard times we face. It helps to surround ourselves with fellow believers during trying times. They can pray for us and offer encouragement.

When part of a flock, the stronger birds protect the weaker ones. This protects them from a would be predator. By being together, food is easier to find. If one of us is in a season where it seems we can’t hear from God, we can draw strength from hearing what Holy Spirit is speaking to someone else.

I found the most important example to be unison. It is amazing to watch how birds fly in perfect harmony. They each find their place and work together. Unity is one of the most important characteristics in a successful body of believers. We can get so caught up in seeking a deeper revelation that we can miss important lessons from simple things. Things like birdwatching. I wonder if my little friend can teach me to sing?

~ Connie Robinson

Image Credit: Geese in flight © Toivo Lagerweij via

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