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The Mission of Transition

~ 2 Peter 1:10 “Wherefore, the rather, brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure; for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall.”

I like elevators. I rarely choose the stairs. Homemade food taste best. I want it ready in microwave time. We must be careful not to carry this mindset into our spiritual life. Our walk with the Lord is a journey. It is not a sprint.

We are hearing the word “election” a lot right now. Maybe more than we would like. I want to look at a different type of election. The word election in the Bible means to choose.  God has chosen his children to walk in destiny. I don’t think you just stumble into God’s will or best for your life.

Our church has been lead to move into a transition period. Both as a body and in our individual lives. We are praying and submitted to hearing the voice of God, and following His direction in this.

Transition means to change from one thing to the next. We are not seeking a new program, movement, or way to draw a crowd. We are seeking our Kingdom assignment and appointment for this hour.

In the Book of Genesis, God rested. He created us to rest. He did not create us to stop. To fulfill your destiny and purpose, stopping is not an option. I am not talking about works. I am speaking about obedience. The verse in 2nd Peter tells us to make our calling and election sure (firm and stable.) It says that if we do, we will not fall. That tells me that if we don’t, we are in danger of falling. Complacency can stop a person or church from the best God has for them. God desires for us to advance His kingdom in a world that so desperately needs to see it in operation.

I have faced some personal challenges during this seeking time. I have felt like giving up and just focusing on myself. The teachings from Apostle David Coker, and the prayers of my church family has encouraged me to come along beside of them in this journey. I am determined to complete the mission of transition. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

~Connie Robinson

Image Credit: Elevation © David Burbach via

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