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Core Values

The Celebration is a weekly printed publication of Gateway Believers Fellowship. The Celebration blog is an outreach opportunity of the GBF publications team. As such, we thought you might be interested to know what some of the core values are that guide our ministry. These values form the foundation for all we do at and through GBF. For more information on Gateway, visit our website at .

Seven Core Values of Gateway Believers Fellowship

Core Value 1:  God’s Word

The Word of God is what we live by. You cannot value God’s Word without having faith. For the first six years of this ministry, we laid the foundation of faith that comes from the Word. This foundation cemented our understanding concerning the authority of the believer, faith for healing and prosperity, and our righteousness in Christ.

Core Value 2: Growth

When we realized that God wanted the church to grow, we began to pursue growth. We took strategies for church growth and acted on them. We focused our faith, our confession, and our actions on growing our church. Once we began to value growth, growth came!

Core Value 3: Leadership

Once an organization begins to grow, you must have effective leadership in place. We have developed a leadership culture in this church. We have pursued leadership training, and have raised up and trained leaders in our house, casting and fulfilling vision as we grow.

Core Value 4: Holy Ghost Manifestation

There’s not a service that goes by that the Holy Spirit doesn’t manifest Himself in some way. But that didn’t always happen for us. We had to make room for Him to move with liberty in our services. Once we did, an anointing came for the prophetic flow. We began to have the prophetic teaching, preaching, and worship that continues today.

Core Value 5: Mortification

Mortification is simply another term for “holiness.” Your ministry can take you farther than your character can keep you. Prayer, fasting, and personal worship are part of this core value. Many experience tremendous breakthrough as they die to their flesh and allow their spirit to take ascendancy over their soul. We continue to see transformation in the quality of character in the lives of those in this house who embrace the value of mortification.

Core Value 6: Apostolic Structure

There is a place for all of the ministry gifts. Those gifts function most effectively when the church is structured according to the biblical pattern on the foundation of the apostles and prophets. Not only does apostolic structure provide a place for the other ministry gifts, but it also provides the place for all believers to be released into their own anointing.

Core Value 7: The Kingdom

We have come to realize that it is the purpose of the church to teach and release believers to function not just in the church, but also in life. Which would you rather do: memorize a scripture or be able to apply it in your everyday life? It is the application of faith, using it to take dominion in every area of life, which is the key to establishing the Kingdom.


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