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Enjoying Life

I just returned from a four-day trip to Blue Ridge, Georgia. We went to the mountains to see all the fall colors. While there, we enjoyed staying in a log cabin with the latest state-of-art appliances. I grew up in a generation where you had to wait twenty minutes for the coffee to brew. Now you can have a cup in under a minute. It used to take the black and white tv time to warm up, and if you were lucky, you might get three channels. That is if you could adjust the rabbit-ear antenna with tin foil in the right direction. Now its 1,000 channels, all in high-definition color, 24/7. If you can find something worthwhile to watch.

What changes have taken place in my short sixty-six years of living. We had made reservations to ride a scenic railroad through the mountains. The fall colors were so beautiful. The tracks ran along a river on one side and the mountains on the other. I was taken back in time. Growing up, I used to ride the passenger train to visit my grandparents.

I had a deep touching spiritual experience while in the mountains. Saturday morning I walked out onto the back deck, a cup of coffee in hand. As I was enjoying it, things were quiet. Nothing distracted me from fully enjoying the moment. I began looking out onto the mountains. I was thanking God for His beautiful creation. The vibrant leaves were washed in the early morning sun light.

Some scriptures from Psalms came to mind:  “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handy works. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge. There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard.” ~ Psalms 19:1-3

The Lord was speaking His love to me. Allowing me another day on earth. Blessing me with life, health, eye sight, and a mind to enjoy His creation. We serve a glorious Heavenly Father, who loves us more than we will ever understand. He desires an intimate relationship with each of us. He has sent His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, for our redemption. Blessed be His Holy Name forever. Who giveth us richly all things to enjoy. ~ 1 Timothy 6:17

~ Ricky Robinson

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Examination Time

A doctor can show us ways to examine ourselves. The purpose of this is to make sure nothing is growing that could harm us. It is wise of us to practice this. We have the ability to do the same with our spiritual well-being. Even after walking with the Lord for years, this is still important.

In the natural, there can be problems growing in our bodies that left unchecked can cause serious effects, or even death. The same can be said for our spiritual walk. We may develop habits, mindsets, or attitudes that can produce harm or spiritually deadly consequences. In the natural, a doctor will use different tools to be more effective in the examination process.

God has given us spiritual tools to use. He places mature Christians in our lives to mentor us. A wise mentor can tell us the truth about ourselves in love. If you don’t have a mentor, pray and ask God to provide such a person. We have been given the precious Word of God. Its pages are filled with ways for us to examine ourselves. I am grateful for Holy Spirit. He will guide, direct, and teach us. I have felt His nudge in my life many times. He is our ever-present friend and mentor.

Sometimes, it seems we are quick to examine others. We may not be as fast to judge ourselves. There are times when we need the discernment to judge, there should always be a balance. I feel there is safety in being part of a church that moves in the five-fold ministry. I have found that leadership is much more qualified to examine others than I am. Our church is in Seeking Time, which is a time that we set aside each year to pray and fast as we wait on God’s direction. During this time, I am asking God to help me see areas in my life that need to be dealt with. As He reveals these to me, I will use the Word, Holy Spirit, and five-fold ministry to help me become more spiritually healthy. Could it be time for your exam?

~ 2 Corinthians 13:5 “Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?”

~ Connie Robinson

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Time for a Check Up!

Isn’t it great how God places people, situations, and events in your life to test your love walk? Do you ever find yourself asking God to let you have just one test that doesn’t involve someone else? I know I sure have! That’s not the way He works, though. He uses our reaction to negative people and events as a measuring stick to see where we are. If we’re not measuring up to the love line, then perhaps it is time for a check-up from the chest up!

Notice that I did not say, “from the neck up.” No, we walk in love from our heart, not our head. Your head will get in the way of your love walk because you can always rationalize why someone else doesn’t really deserve to be treated well. A wise man recently reminded me that it is easy to find the faults in others when we spend so much time thinking about ourselves. Instead, we need to realize that our love walk with others flows out of our heart-relationship with our Father. When our heart is right with Him, it will be right with others as well.

~ by Ronda Sullivan

Faith and Hand Soap: Key Ingredients in Staying Healthy

A message from our very own Doctor of Pharmacy:

We are all aware of the predictions for this winter’s cold & flu season. Reminders and updates on the H1N1 virus and other strains of flu are on the news daily. Everywhere you go, someone is reminding you to be prepared for the worst.

Here’s a thought: instead of panicking, let’s try some faith. Meditating scriptures on healing and confessing that your family remains healthy this winter is essential to building faith for healing. But remember, faith without works is dead. You must also put some practical steps into action in order to have your confession come to pass.

Focus on your immune system by taking vitamins and getting plenty of rest. Not only does this boost your immune system, but it also requires you to grow in areas of self-discipline. You may have to put yourself under a little bit of law until these actions become a habit.

Avoiding sick people entirely isn’t a practical option when you are involved in ministry, have a family, and have a job. Instead, be aware of personal space and don’t get too close to those who you know are sick. Work extra hard to keep yourself and your environment germ-free if you cannot help being around sick people. Wash your hands; don’t touch the things sick people touched without cleaning them first; cover your mouth and nose if you cough or sneeze.

These all sound so simple, and you’re probably thinking, “She sounds like my mother!” But it’s amazing how many people don’t attend to the small things and end up finding themselves sick. Do you really know the best way to cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze? Most people cough or sneeze into their hands, but then your hands become germy. You should retrain yourself to cough or sneeze into the bend of your elbow (think of Batman covering his face with a cape!).  This keeps your hands free of germs (and body fluids) so that you can continue what you were doing.

You should also remember that Clorox, isopropyl alcohol, and soapy water are your friends.  Frequently clean the counter and any “public use” equipment used in your place of employment.  Use those wipes at the grocery store to wipe off the buggy handles; you never know whose sick kid just had their mouth on that handle minutes before you touched it!  Buy some disinfecting wipes and sprays to keep handy at home and in your car.


Hand sanitizing gels are great when sinks and soap are not available.  Keep some with you in case you can’t wash your hands right away after touching items that others may have touched. Just remember, the alcohol in them doesn’t kill every germ, so you still need to wash your hands frequently!

Staying healthy isn’t about staying germ-free all the time; it’s about killing the germs before they can infect you and your family.  Leave your “work germs” at work so you don’t bring them home to your family. Stop putting things in your mouth (fingers, pens, tools, etc). I had a bad habit of biting my fingernails.  Not too long after I started rotations to different pharmacies, I was getting a stomach virus about every 25 days.  This went on for about 8 months until my mother-in-law suggested that the germs I was encountering in health care were living under my fingernails. When I put my fingers in my mouth, I was infecting and reinfecting myself with those germs.  After accepting that bit of wisdom, I started using hand sanitizer many times during the day – partly to kill the germs on my hands, but mostly as a deterrent for putting my hands in my mouth, and I stayed well!  I haven’t had a stomach virus in 15 months!!

Now, I’m not telling you to become a germaphobe, but I am saying be conscious of your surroundings. Rather than trying to use your faith to stop puking, coughing, or sneezing, try using your faith to stay healthy. Activate your faith by following these simple tips. Let’s be faithful (full of faith) and keep our families and ourselves healthy this winter!

~Dr. Cynthia Hendrix

Trade ya!

“Trade ya!” shouts one boy, holding out his cup of carrots, hungrily eyeing his neighbor’s fudge brownie. Remarkably, the swap is made… one boy with two brownies, the other munching away on an extra handful of carrots. Doesn’t really seem like an even trade, but it happens every single day at the lunch table of schools everywhere!bartering-1

As an elementary teacher, I’ve noticed that some kids are better at trading than others. There are certain kids who manage to trade the dirtiest, worn out Matchbox car for the newer remote controlled one…or the plastic watch from a cereal box for a real metal one. And there’s always one kid at the table with five or six pieces of cake piled high, while his neighbors’ plates hold his rejected pieces of meatloaf. I’ve often asked the child who I felt got the raw end of the deal, “Why did you trade for that?” The response is usually always the same; “”Cause he wanted mine, so I just took his.”

Hardly seems fair, right?

Imagine us, going through life laden with fear, worry, depression, financial problems, health problems, sin problems….We’re walking along, dirty and down, when we run up on Jesus. He has it all! Life, peace, love, joy, health, prosperity, wisdom, the favor of God, righteousness… What we wouldn’t give to have what He has!!!

“Trade ya!” we say, holding out our heavy load, hopefully reaching for his light one. And remarkably, the swap is made:  His health for all our disease, His peace for our worry, His faith for our doubt, His spotlessness for our sin, His life for all our death.

Hardly seems fair, right? To have all the promises of God piled on us like extra helpings of cake when we didn’t deserve them at all? Jesus didn’t have to make this exchange. Yet, if His Father asks Him, “Why did You trade for that?” Jesus’ response will always be, “Because they wanted what was mine, so I took what was theirs.”

“He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him” (2 Corinthians 5:21).

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