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My life may not make sense to someone on the outside looking in. I pray, I go to church, but I also actively recognize my need for Jesus. I am broken. I need mending. I need grace and mercy. In order for me to have grace and mercy, I have to give that to others. That is where the problem lies!

My human flesh doesn’t always want to turn the other cheek. My first instinct is often to lash out and give that person a piece of my mind. Afterwards, something in my head says, “You did good. You told them the truth.” That might be true, but I didn’t do it love. I did it out of anger and frustration. I projected my feelings on to the other person. In other words, I vomited hate and anger all over the place!

I am continually needing God’s grace to let go. I can’t control other people, BUT I can control my reactions to situations. I am responsible for the words I say whether I like it or not. Have I been sowing seeds of love lately? Not always.

I was listening to Charles Capps the other day and he said something that struck me: “When you sow seeds of faith it produces faith, but if you sow seeds of strife it produces strife.” It sounds simple, right? It hit me that the negative words I had spoken produced strife. I had never thought about that! I don’t want to produce strife in my life OR someone else’s.

My mom’s actions early in life hurt her witness. She said whatever she felt like saying. When Mama wanted to talk to old friends about Jesus, they didn’t want to listen because of her attitude towards them before she found Jesus.  When you do things God’s way, your light grows brighter.

A soft answer turns away wrath. That’s what the Bible says we are to do, even when we know a person is doing wrong AND they know.

As Christians, we are held to a higher standard. Jesus expects us NOT to respond to situations the way the world would. This week a friend said that God gives us grace to walk in patience and love with people that we don’t have patience for. With Him, all things are possible…even the hard things.

~ Madison Sanders

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The church is waiting on the return of Jesus. We read the Bible and it is confirmed. We see the signs of the times that were predicted thousands of years ago coming to pass. God told Isaiah the prophet. I have even from the beginning declared it to thee; before it came to pass I shewed it thee. ~Isaiah 48:5 One of the greatest signs to come to pass is the Nation of Israel returning to its homeland.

Whether your belief is pre-tribulation, mid-tribulation, or post-tribulation of Jesus’s return it is okay. I like what I heard said; Just be ready at any time.” Jesus said no man knows the day of His return, only God knows.

I remember when I got saved in 1973. I thought Jesus would come back any second. Many years have passed, but I’m still believing in His coming. As a young Christian, I remember telling my insurance agent I didn’t need any life insurance. He was a very wise man. He told me that Jesus said to occupy till he returned. He explained we were to live each day expecting Jesus to return while staying busy. We are to live life doing God’s will helping others.

Most of us have heard the saying, “Don’t be so heavenly minded that you are no earthly good.”

The Body of Christ, the Church, is supposed to have an influence on the world. We are called to be light and salt. Light dispels darkness and salt preserves. It seems the Church has let our light become very dim. We are setting back and seeing darkness take over our nation. Don’t be deceived. God’s judgment is coming to America if we don’t repent.

It’s time to awake to righteousness. We as the Church can change our nation and our future. The Church has been divided and fragmented for too long. It’s time to come together and keep God’s commandment to OCCUPY. If every Christian would pray and do their part we can turn things around.

Are we going to sit back and do nothing? If so, don’t be surprised when America is a third-world country and we lose our freedoms. Please pray and encourage your brothers and sisters to pray. We can preserve this nation and our future if we band together as the Church.

2 Chronicles 7:14 says, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” We have the answer. Let’s use it, Church!

~Ricky Robinson

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What Does it Mean?

What does it mean to be on fire for Jesus? This is a phrase we hear a lot in Christian circles. While playing “Soul on Fire” by Third Day, I found myself having a conversation about this very thing with my oldest nephew, who is almost four.

I decided to look up the definition of burn. Some of my favorite definitions are: “To emit heat or light by fire or energy.  To cause a strong impression, especially by emotional intensity.

To be consumed with strong emotion, especially:

To be very eager.”

I told my nephew that burning for Jesus had nothing to do with actual fire. It really means that we should be excited to tell others about Jesus. In a typical toddler fashion, he asked, “Why?”

I said, “We are supposed to be a light to everyone whether we are at school or church.”


“Because there are some kids who only know meanness and bad things. They never see anything good. That’s why we have to be that light to them and burn bright for Jesus.”

Now is not the time for catchy phrases. If you are saying, “I want to be on fire for Jesus” just to say it, just stop. Like the definitions say, we need people who are eager. We need people who have something to give. We need people who recognize the seriousness of this hour. We need people who are consumed by Jesus, letting Him direct their path.

The words to Third Day’s song are still echoing in my heart.

“Lord, restore the joy I had
I have wandered, bring me back
In this darkness, lead me through
Until all I see is You

Lord, let me burn for You again
Let me return to You again
And Lord, let me burn for You again
And let me return to You again.” 

We all have wandered away from Jesus at sometime or another. I want to burn for Jesus again, again, and again. I don’t want my flame to go out. People are counting on us. Right this moment, there are thousands of people who have no hope. Their light has been snuffed out. They have no joy. They don’t think they can make it another day.

What will you do? Will you take time to pray? Will you ask God to give you His heart?

Is your fire bright enough that it leads others to Jesus? If not, take time right now to do a self-evaluation. In order to burn for Jesus, you have to do something different. One way to stir up your fire is by praying in tongues. Prayer helps you to know God’s heart and prepare you to help other people. God will give you the words to say. Get ready to burn for Jesus like never before!

~Madison Sanders

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Everywhere the Light Touches

I was watching Disney’s The Lion King with my kids and got a revelation about The Kingdom. No, not the “Magic Kingdom;” God’s Kingdom! In the beginning of the movie, the little lion cub, Simba, was trying to wake up his father, Mufasa, the king. Mufasa had promised Simba that he would show him the kingdom, and Simba just couldn’t wait to see it. I started thinking that we really should be more like that little lion. I mean, how many times have we put forth that much effort to get our Father God, The King, to show us His Kingdom? I don’t know about you, but not too many times on my end! I started thinking, “God is trying to wake us up, not just to see the Kingdom, but to operate in it!!”

In the next scene of the movie, Mufasa and Simba are standing on the highest cliff in the kingdom. Mufasa begins telling Simba how a king’s time rises and sets like the sun, and when he dies, Simba will be the ruler of the kingdom. Now, God doesn’t die, but He sent His Son, Jesus to die for us so that we would be the rulers of His Kingdom. Mufasa went on to explain to Simba about the boundaries of the kingdom, saying, “Everything the light touches is our kingdom.” Think about that for a minute…. When you turn on a flashlight, what do you see? You see everything the light touches: everything within that circle of light. Well, if we are the light of the world, then everything our light touches should be our kingdom.

Simba goes on to ask his father, “What about the shadowy place?” His father responds saying, “ That’s beyond our borders. You must never go there!” How many times have we questioned God about our boundaries? God has told us, “Everything the light touches is your kingdom: your place of liberty and freedom in Christ.” What do we want? Like Simba, we want to go check out the “shadowy place” outside of the boundaries. We want to operate outside of our place of liberty and anointing.

God has provided everything you need within your boundaries. During this seeking time, God has shown me more of my kingdom…my place of liberty and freedom in Christ. In the process, he has been teaching me how to operate in my kingdom and how it’s a part of His Kingdom!

What about you? Are you learning how to live in your kingdom of light, or are you still trying to visit the “shadowy places”?

~Guest contributor, Fred Mitchell

What’s in Your Attic?

You’re hunting something in a dark attic. You’re fumbling through the darkness, having absolutely no luck. Finally, you stumble across the chain that flips on an old yellowish light bulb that immediately illuminates the whole attic. You look around with disgust and see a thick layer of dust has covered everything. Spider webs hang from the roof and a small rat is in the corner. In fear and anger you curse the light and quickly turn it back off.

It sounds kind of silly doesn’t it? However, Satan is a mastermind at being able to convince us that the light is our problem. Think about it this way: if you touch a hot stove, is it the stove’s fault you get burned? Or if you go to the doctor and he diagnoses you with cancer, is it his fault the cancer is there? It’s obvious neither the stove nor the doctor are the problems in these situations, but when someone in our lives exposes a problem, it’s easier to blame them than it is to evaluate what is in us that is causing us pain.

Burnout is another example of blaming a light bulb for showing us what is in our spiritual attics. You see folks start working a job or picking up some extra duties at church and, before long, they’re saying they are “burned out.” Most of the time, burnout has nothing to do with the job or the extra workload. Those things just put pressure on whatever is already out of place in our lives. Maybe we had priorities wrong and didn’t have God on top of our list. Maybe we weren’t feeding ourselves daily in the Word of God. Either way, it’s not the extra workload that is the problem; it’s not the thing that appears to be “causing the pain” that is the issue. It is only flipping on a light switch to help us evaluate what else is cluttering up our lives.

Satan would like nothing more than to keep us in the dark. But when he can’t keep us totally in the dark he does the next best thing; he makes the light the enemy rather than what is revealed in the light. If we fall for it, we face a struggle in darkness, separated from our source of strength.

Don’t run from the light just because of what it exposes. Be thankful that you have an opportunity to address what is really causing problems for you behind the scenes in your life.

~Ken Hendrix

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