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Do you have a testimony of something the Lord has done in your life? Please share your praise reports, testimonies, and “ah ha!” moments here on this page. We may even use them in the printed version of The Celebration!


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  1. The Celebration said:

    After having heart surgery in February, my paid time off and sick hours were exhausted. I prayed financial prayers and also wondered why other people got unexplained checks in the mail, but not me.

    I had applied for my short-term disability the week before. I thought it would be a month or so before I received anything. I had checked my mailbox, only to find a $1,000 check. I came very close to tearing it up, thinking it was fake. I showed it to my daughter and it was real.

    Here was my house payment. God, You are awesome and wonderful! Forgive me for wondering about my finances.

    ~ Donna Jones

  2. The Celebration said:


    I had severe neck pain, so bad I couldn’t turn my head to the left without hurting. I had been hurting for five days.

    Sunday morning, Apostle David laid hands on me for my healing, but for the first time, I walked away from the altar still in pain.

    Eddie Gillespie got up and gave his testimony about how he has always walked out his healing time after time. I kept saying, “I am healed”. I went to bed hurting, but I kept saying, “I am healed.”

    I went to work Monday morning still hurting, but still confessing, “I am healed” and praying 1 Peter 2:24 over myself. Monday night, my wife reminded me of Eddie’s testimony. Tuesday, I went to work still in pain, but Tuesday night, when I got ready for bed, I realized my neck wasn’t hurting anymore! I was healed and I still am healed!

    Praise God!

    ~ James Parrish

  3. The Celebration said:


    I’ve been dealing with sciatic nerve pain for the last 3 years. For the last six months, it has just gotten worse and worse. I’ve had a very hard time just sitting through a service at church and even worse time standing behind the piano for the worship services.

    Last Sunday morning, January 24th, Apostle David invited those who needed a miracle to come down for prayer. I knew it was my day and this prayer line was for me! I abandoned the piano and was the first person in line ready to receive my miracle! As soon as Apostle David laid hands on me, I felt a warmth spread from my hip down to my foot. I stood there for a few minutes after he had moved on and just let the anointing do its work.

    I left church that day with NO PAIN! Pain tried to return the next day and I said, “Oh, I don’t think so! I’m healed!” and the pain went away again. I’ve been pain free for eight days now – some soreness and stiffness has tried to return, and each time I command it to go, and it does. I’m holding on to this healing and not letting it go!

    But, there’s more… you see, for the last three years, I haven’t even gotten into a prayer line for this problem. I’ve been too full of condemnation to ask for prayer. I’ve been blaming my weight for even having this sciatic problem. I’ve wanted to ask for prayer and have literally told myself, “You have no right to ask someone else to pray about this, because it’s your own fault. If you would just lose some weight, you wouldn’t even be in pain.” I’ve had so much self-condemnation that I made it impossible for God to help me.

    Because of Seeking Time and the extra hours I’m spending every week seeking God, I was able to hear Him tell me that He doesn’t blame me for pain and sickness in my body, so I shouldn’t blame myself for them. He’s ALWAYS saying that, but I’m not always able to hear it.

    So this is actually a dual praise report. I praise God for healing my body AND for healing my heart!

    ~ Anessa Back

  4. The Celebration said:


    On Friday, Nov. 13th, while at work, my left wrist starting hurting bad. When I looked at my wrist, it was swollen. I told my supervisor and he escorted me to the nurse. On the way, I started confessing my healing.

    The next Friday, Nov 20th, I was still in pain. That evening, at Oasis, as I was praying in the Spirit, I heard these words, “What you make happen for someone else, I can make happen for you!” Immediately, Pastor Tanana called for those that needed healing. I came down, not to get hands laid on me, but to lay my hands on someone for THEM to receive their healing. Within the hour, my wrist was no longer swollen and I had no pain!!!! Thank You, Jesus! All glory to God!

    ~ Frederick Mitchell

  5. The Celebration said:

    One of the side effects of iron deficient anemia is memory loss. Usually during service I can’t remember anything the minister is saying.

    When my iron has been low in the past, I haven’t felt a difference when I received a transfusion.

    I feel that because of being called up for prayer tonight, I believe and receive that it has been broken. The oxygen is moving to my brain because of the prayers of Apostle David and my church family.

    ~ Nessa Singleton

  6. The Celebration said:



    I had been bleeding for a month, so I went to the doctor. They found some cysts and fibroid tumors on my ovaries and talked about options to remove them. On Sunday night, October 25, 2015, Apostle David prayed for me.

    Tuesday, October 27th, I went back for my follow-up visit, the doctor said the cysts were gone, there was still some thick tissue, and come back on November 3rd.

    I said that nothing would be found because I’m healed. My God is not a half-way God. He’s completely healed me of this!

    ~ Robin Hanley

  7. The Celebration said:


    Oasis Update: Nineteen filled with Holy Ghost tonight. Some of the kids who were filled last week were getting other kids filled tonight. Then those kids who were filled tonight were helping get others filled. Awesome sight to see and experience.

    10/30/15 Oasis Outreach
    114 in attendance on a Friday night. 13 filled with Holy Ghost. Apostle David’s first night preaching at Oasis Outreach. Praise God for all He’s doing and going to do.

    TOTAL: 68 people filled with Holy Ghost in the past 2 weeks at Oasis Outreach and our local Bible Studies!!!

  8. The Celebration said:


    Teen Class

    We had one salvation and three rededications in class tonight. Praise God that the Word is changing and transforming our youth!

    Several asked for prayer regarding grace and we believe their lives, hearts, and minds were affected and touched by God’s love and were changed for His glory.

  9. The Celebration said:


    August 16, 2015

    I went into pre-term labor August 4th. I was only 20 weeks into pregnancy. My water broke, and I was dilated to 1 centimeter. My husband called Pastor Bill and folks from Tuesday night Bible Study (also called Life Group), so they could pray.
    Within 1 hour, my cervix closed and fluid was somehow filled back around the baby. The ER Doctor said it was clearly a miracle!
    ~ Kayla H. Sudderth

    Tuesday, July 28th, I had an annual exam. EKG showed I had a heart attack. I was referred to a heart doctor who put me on medicines and ordered a stress test.
    I had the stress test on Tuesday, August 11th. I thought I was doing fine on the treadmill. They discovered a weakness in the lower left part of my heart. A cath lab was ordered so doctors could look at the arteries in my heart. Before this I was never sick, not taking any medicines, and had only stayed in the hospital when having my children.
    Friday, August 14th, was the night of Oasis. I got in line for prayer. Pastor Bill prayed, anointed me with oil and Holy Spirit’s anointing fell. I felt better afterward. My faith was strengthened!

    On Sunday, August 16th , workers in the children’s classes were told that Apostle David called a line for breakthrough anointing. I got in line and was strengthened even more because of the things Apostle David said to me.

    I went for the cath lab on August 19th. Three days had passed since Pastor Bill prayed for me. They told me I would possibly have to have more than one stint put in because of the blockages. If multiple blockages were found, open-heart surgery would be needed.

    The doctor said, “It was a bogus stress test.” That was music to my ears! He also said, “You’re squeaky clean! Your arteries are squeaky clean!”

    The nurse also looked at pictures of my arteries and said they looked great. Praise God for a great report! He is my Healer!

    ~Faye Allen

  10. PRAISE REPORT: I am SO excited to tell all of you that my old doctor, Dr. Griffin, just gave me the most amazing news! He has had a triple bypass and breathing issues. The breathing issues have hospitalized him several times. Around one month ago, I prayed for him over the phone and my mom was agreeing in the background. I called him today and he said, “I don’t know what changed, but I woke up two weeks ago on Sunday feeling like a million dollars! I was able to get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, and have someone drive me to church! I haven’t been able to go to church in two years! I felt so awful I couldn’t do anything, but eat a little bit and go back to bed.”

    I told him I had been there. There was a time when I couldn’t go to church at all, confined to my bed at all times, even to eat. My mom would even have to bring my toothbrush and water to me because I didn’t have the strength to do anything. It was one of THE hardest times of my life. He also said, “I believe in prayer, but I was beginning to feel like God had forgotten me.” I said, “That’s what the devil wants you think.” I also told him that when that sickness tries to creep back in to say, “No, I’m healed!”

    Another HUGE thing is that he talked to me for five minutes! It may not sound like much to you, but he was only able to talk to me for around a minute each time because of his breathing issues. His breathing was raspy, and sometimes, he would cough several times while trying to talk to me. Not today! He has his spark back, and his voice was strong and alive with excitement I haven’t heard from him in years! God is the MIRACLE WORKER! Before I hung up, I said, “You hang in there. You are going to make it!” He responded with, “I believe it, sweetheart.”

    ~Madison Sanders

  11. This Valentine’s day just happened to fall on Friday night, which is when our outreach ministry, Oasis, prepares a free meal for anyone who wants to come. Since it was Valentine’s Day, we were treated to a meal prepared by a chef. It included cashew encrusted tenderloin or pan seared chicken, yellow rice, green beans, roll, and dessert. Someone said to me, “The church paid for this?” I said, “Yes. Sometimes we have people who donate food, but Oasis has an account that people can give into, and this meal was paid for from that.”

    They couldn’t believe it! Most churches do fundraisers and meals to benefit THEIR church, but Gateway does things to benefit OTHERS. I am so proud to call Gateway Believers Fellowship my church because we are not saying, “Gimme, gimme, gimme!” Our heart is to help others, and this Valentine’s Day Dinner was a tangible demonstration of that to many people who had never heard of a church giving something to them.

  12. Tammy Sanders said:

    Back in September, I had a lesion come up on my chest. It was very painful. I called and made an appointment with a dermatologist. They told me how much the office visit was and I made arrangements in case I needed it biopsied.

    I had to wait three months for an appointment. In the meantime, I had to stand on the Word and confess for the lesion to dry up. Slowly, it started to dry up and disappear. The enemy came so hard with words of defeat everyday, and everyday I had to combat those voices with the Word of God. We have to learn to stand of His Word. No matter what!

    I thank God for the good report I got today, he said it wasn’t malignant and I could see him in a year. Praise God! When I went up to pay for my visit the receptionist said, “NO charge!” I said, “What?” She had to repeat it to me again. I asked her again and she still said, “No charge.” I have never had this happen to me personally. I was speechless! I thanked God all the way to the car and then called several people to share the good news. I serve an awesome God and He has always taken care of me. Giving Him all the Glory!
    ~Tammy Sanders

  13. Tammy Sanders said:

    A friend shared with me that a doctor diagnosed her with bone cancer in her hip. An appointment had already been set up with an oncologist to discuss what they needed to do. Before I left, I asked her if she wanted me to pray with her. I cursed the cancer and told it to go. I told her to do the same every night. She went to two more doctors and had another MRI done on Thursday. She just called me and said, “Do you want some good news?” I said, “Yes!” She told me the doctors said she doesn’t have ANY cancer! Praise God!!

    ~Tammy Sanders

  14. The early part of this Year, I had came to the Conclusion that it was time to take back my health, I have been on Blood Pressure Medicine for almost 7yrs. I wasn’t going to settle for that I have heard People say once you get on them You can never get off,…..The Devil is a Lie and the truth ain’t him! I believe what the word say if the word say I’m healed then I am healed, though it lets me know this is does not give me the right to do and treat my Body the way I want to! So I had to make a decision, I had to decide if I was going to Invest on getting more Clothes or was I going to Invest on Loosing weight! I chose to Loose weight, Not just to look Good, or have that perfect body, or to feel Great Though I do, But it was to take back what belongs to me and That’s good health! So I went to see My doctor, who does weight Loss and I was kinda relieve because she already know everything about me, so she and I talked about, different medicines that can give me a jump start but at the same time I had to create a healthier Lifestyle, because sooner or later the Medicine will stop working and it could result in me gaining everything I had lost and more. So I did everything she told me to do and before I could start the weight loss plan I had to set a goal and that’s what lead me to setting my goal of getting off Blood pressure medicine. Well I after loosing about 25lbs I had went down to taking a half of pill a day, I was not satisfied with that I wanted to get off the pills, so I kept Pushing Myself, and I lost another 25lbs. Well I had to report Back to my doctor every other Month and every month my blood pressure wasn’t quite where they wanted it to be to take me off and so I had requested from friends and Family to pray that I come off those Meds, well one Sunday Night during service Apostle David had Call Mrs. Geraldine to come up and Pray for People that needed healing in there Body, well as I went up for prayer I was going believing God was going to use her to lay hands on me and I was going to be healed and NEVER have to take Blood Pressure Meds again! My appointment was schedule 3 wks after that night, I already knew I was going to have a testimony, I started Thanking and praising God for his healing manifesting in my body, at the same time I still had to take those meds, but everytime I took it I would feel dizzy and Light headed, So I reported it back to my doctor and The nurse had told me that she didn’t want me to take anymore of those pills until I saw her that was 8/15/12, of course I hadn’t took none since the day before that, Well today 8/20/12 I went in for my doctors visit and My Blood Pressure was 122/76, Hallelujah! The doctor told me to not take anymore pills, and to make sure I kept doing what I was doing to keep it down! Hallelujah God is so Good! 🙂

  15. So awhile back I had requested Prayer for My Boss Husband, Sometime back Officer Hobbs (Also one of Franklin County deputies) was diagnosed with Bone Cancer, and he had to go out of work ( they were expecting him to be out at least 2yrs). Back in May he had to go to Atlanta to have a bone marrow transplant, where he stayed for awhile so they can monitor him and after going for one last visit they had allowed him and his wife to go back home and they wanted him to report back every other Friday ( I think) anyway I saw Officer Hobbs for the second time today, The first time I saw him you could tell he had been sick but he was still OK, But Today ( get your shouting boots on) He looked like Nothing had been wrong with him, He still has no hair from Kimo and Radiation But he is walking, driving, and the doctor has released him to go back to work! HALLELUJAH! The last doctor visit report stated There was no sign of Cancer No where, and he looked great! They had even said they spotted lesions on his liver guess what when he went back that was gone to! Praise God! Healing is Avaliable only if you want it! 🙂 GOD IS GOOD!

    • The Celebration said:

      That is an amazing testimony! I also love that the entire county knows about it… what a great witness for our God!!! Thanks for sharing, Trina!

  16. tammysanders7 said:

    A person that I have had to deal with on a regular basis has been giving opinions to me for the past seven years on what Madison, my daughter, should do with her life. Today, it was the Air Force. Last year it was her sitting up more. The year before that it was a master’s degree and a handicapped accessible vehicle. Wednesday night, Apostle David had a line for a grace to deal with the enemy. He said, “Your circumstances won’t change, but you will have a new grace to deal with the devil.”

    Thursday was my first opportunity. I let this person talk for awhile, and then I became firm saying, “I’ll tell you what Madison would do with this paper. She would throw it in the trash. She is pretty well set in what she’s going to do, and she hears from God.” The person replied, “Well, she just needs to be open.”

    I responded, “She’s more open than any person I know.” Ever persistent, the person kept saying, “She’d be set for life, never having to worry about money and she’d be independent. It would probably be harder on you than anything.”

    I had had enough, rising from her chair. “I’m banking on Madison being completely healed. Oh, and money isn’t everything.”

    “Does she have a plan?” the woman asked. “Yes, she’s always got a plan. She’s talking with a lady who has a doctorate about a master’s degree.”

    “Well, she’s just stubborn,” said the woman. I waited a second and then replied, “So you’re telling me Madison doesn’t hear from God?”

    “Oh no, I would never say that!” the woman said.

    By the end of this conversation, the person was speechless and walked out of the room. This reminded me of a dog who ducked its tail and ran away after he’d been scolded. My first thought was to call Madison because she knows some of what I’ve had to deal with. I really wasn’t me, though; it was God’s grace working through me to stand up to that person who has an opinion on everything and the evil behind them. Don’t tell me that my God is not greater! I dare you to walk in that grace!
    ~Tammy Sanders

  17. Apostle David prayed over me last Wednesday night. He said, “Turn it around” over and over. At about 10:00 that night things began to turn around. There is certainly a battle but I must say that I noticed myself laughing Sunday. For a moment I thought, “Why am I laughing” I looked around, noone else was laughing. Then I thought, “Who cares, I want to laugh, I feel like laughing so I’m going to allow myself to laugh”. I have so much to be concerned about but I’m not. I should not be sleeping at night but I am. I should be crying but I’m LAUGHING! Praise God for grace, for peace and for strength abounding to me.

  18. Apostle David prayed for me Sunday morning. It was during the Sunday evening service that I noticed the pain in my hand was completely gone. I have also noticed that I have full pain free mobility in my wrist all the way to y elbow. I’vw had pain in my arm for 2 months. Also I can tell that strength has been restored in my arm. This is exceedingly abudantly above what I asked for, thank you and praise God.

  19. Christi Duncan said:

    As I was packing up doughnuts to send to the square for the others to sell, I turned around to see where my son, Brantley, was. I noticed that he had walked across the street with another mother to sell some doughnuts. I turned back around to complete my task and, as I was finishing up, I looked up and saw Brantley beginning to cross the road. Before my very eyes, my son was hit by a minivan. In a matter of seconds, I saw how precious a life is and how quickly everything can change. I sat there in shock, not moving at first; then I heard the scream, and I rushed to his side. As I ran to him, I didn’t even cry; I just kept thanking God that my child was all right.

    The first responders got there and started to cut the leg of his pants off, but he refused to let anyone touch him until someone prayed for him. A youth minister was standing by and ran over and prayed with him; everyone, including the first responders, bowed their heads. We rushed Brantley to the hospital where we found that he was going to be fine. Talk about the power of prayer!

    That night in the hospital, I began to reflect on the day’s events. I was amazed at how much comfort I had throughout the day. I did shed some tears and skipped a couple of meals, but what mother wouldn’t have that reaction? There was something different, though. I even had one of the nurses make a comment to me that I was handling the situation better than any mom she’d ever seen. I knew I was different because I had a peace that surpassed all understanding. In the midst of it all, I KNEW God was protecting my child. I stand in awe of God’s peace, grace and mercy to all of His children, even though we don’t deserve it.

    “And our hope for you is firm, because we know that just as you share in our sufferings, so also you share in our comfort.” ~2 Corinthians 1:7

    ~Christi Duncan

  20. Tammy Sanders said:

    I lived an isolated life before I rededicated my life to Christ. Because I was always by myself, I left a wide open door for the devil, and my life began spiraling downward. I had known God when I was younger and had gotten away from Him, but one thing I had going for me was a praying mama. I never went crying to her when things got bad, but somehow she just knew. I believe that is one thing that kept me from straying too far from God.

    I was married for 12 years and walked in fear most of the time. In 1997, I was almost beaten to death. That was a major turning point in my life, as I started going back to church, which made all the difference in the world. I was happy in my renewed relationship with God, but after about 5 years I had a thought come to me: “There has got to be more than this!” I was so hungry for God and the power of God to be manifested. One Sunday morning, I was literally pinned to the floor at church and I heard someone speaking in tongues, so I started speaking too! I called my sister and told her about it and she told me that I could pray in tongues anytime I wanted to. I had never been taught about praying in tongues, so I just took her at her word and prayed all the time in tongues with no idea what I was doing. I kept praying and life was good.

    At one point I had prayed myself to a place to hear God tell me to go to Gateway Believer’s Fellowship. I thought, “Surely not!”, but I could not shake what I heard. My children and I made the move. Now we are at a place to get equipped to be able to withstand all the attacks of the enemy. It has been the most awesome ride of my life; I finally have something to live for that is worth fighting for. I have peace like a river and I walk in a love that I never knew existed. I know for myself that God loves me even with the flaws I have, and you can have that assurance, too!


  21. I praise God that he is faithful to his children. The devil thought he could take me out from serving at theThanksgivng meal. Its a time, I was really looking forward to speaking love and encouragement to others I didn’t know. On Monday, I hit my head at work and had to be sent to the emergency room. The concussion was enough to cause disorientation of not being aware of what was going on around me. But, in my spirit I knew everything was going to be fine, I knew the healer. Despite the confusion the devil put on my mind. God was already answering my prayers. Everything checked out ok with no complications, just a few days of rest. Praise God. I was there that Thursday with smiles on my face and doing what I love. Just saying hi to a someone that needed to see a happy face. That devil lost the battle with prayer. Praise God!

  22. I thank my God that in this world of all things/high tech, well He’s still on top ,always. how many churches do you know that have this ability to reach millions thru computers, etc… Well praise God for Gateway and all He does at this house. His presence is overwhelmning at our services. I get so excited every time the doors at Gateway open. Hallelujah!! You just know something awesome and wonderful is about to happen. God never lets us down. He’s always on TIME. I appreciate the open hearts at this house that proclaim the goodness of God on this site. It’s such a blessing!!

  23. Oh how great is our God!!! I just can’t stop praising him enough of how wonderful he is! Today’s Dr. Visit went Great! I was brought back in today because they were concern about the development of Baby’s Heart, The Dr. Stated that The Heart Had some fluid around it ( in some cases it goes away and it some it don’t) Well in my baby’s case it’s gone, Heart Development is wonderful!! Praise God! This Pregnancy has been somewhat of a great challenge for me! But I thank God that no matter what we do wrong or how we do it he is still Loving, Faithful, merciful, patient and all the above! I appreciate all the prayers and for a great loving Church Family who has taught me how to pray, and believe in what the word say’s and not what people say! Praise God! Hallelujah

    • I praise God with you for such a beautiful baby boy. He will walk upright with the admiration of the Lord. I will help you pray for his future.

  24. A king made a recent statement, my kingdom has enough oil for all the world. His actual quote was: The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has enough oil for everyone. How many of us know a king like that? Of course I’m talking about King Abdallah bin Abdal-Aziz Al Saud, of Saudi Arabia. He is ruling monarch: he declares it, it becomes law.He believes what he says and knows what a kingdom can do. This individual has more than 30 yes 30 wives and at least 35 children. All I can say is goodness!
    What is amazing to me is we have a King who lives forever and has millions of children and rules over a kingdom that has no ending. He declares a thing from the end to the beginning. Glory to God. Its time for the subjects of this kingdom to know and realize this king is a just king, a forgiving king, a blessed king and we His subjects are blessed to have His covering. See when He says the righteous shall never beg for bread you need to believe this. I will supply all your needs according to my riches and glory. See my king will never run out of oil unless He wants me to go to bio fuel. If thou canst believe all things are possible. Think about that a minute. We serve this King His name is Jesus Christ: the king of kings, and Lord of Lords. We don’t have to worry He won’t die and be replaced like king Abdallah. Who took over for his brother. Our king lives forever and we are part of His Kingdom. Start thinking that way next time someone says ,what are we going to do about high gas prices? Believe God to supply your needs. If you have to drive to work He wants you to drive without a promblem and supply the gas. Then He wants you to be kingdom minded there and on the way. Your job as a citizen of the kingdom of God is to preach the kingdom by your actions and not your circumstances. God knew this before He formed you in the womb, we were born for such a time as this. Hold your head high your king is counting on you, so are the lost ones in the world. Next time you see an opportunity to show off the kingdom of God take advantage of it, it won’t present itself in same manner again. God made us to be like Him, what a mighty king. Isn”t it wonderful to know the real king? If your not sure just look up Romans 10:9,10 and say it out loud. Then watch how the king will stand for you.

  25. tam7777 said:

    Chalk another praise report up for God. I have had some pain in my left shoulder for 2 weeks, when Orlando prayed for me on Sunday night I went out in the Spirit. The minute my back touched the floor I felt this pain shoot from my left side out of my right side. I have had no pain since. All Glory goes to God.



    • The Celebration said:

      My dear friend…. I was thinking of you and your precious son this morning. That day four years ago seems like yesterday to me, so I know it must seem that way to you. Tre is with us always… he had a beautiful smile and a gracious heart that marked every person he ever came into contact with. I miss him, as do both of my boys. I’m so very grateful that he is with Jesus and is no longer in pain… AND that we will see him again one day. I love you and am continually astounded by the grace and peace you walk in. God is so good.

      Big hugs…

  28. Tonight at the evening service Apostle David asked for those who needed a healing to come up front. I did and when he prayed for me my left knee was healed! I had sprained the ligaments by my left knee. It was swollen and quite irritated/painful. Well when he prayed I kept standing up and my knee started popping and I felt weird movement inside my afflicted muscle area. When I moved back I reached down and felt my knee; it was not swollen, it was the same size as my other knee. No pain or swelling at all a supernatural manifestation of the power of God. Now its like I never even had a problem. Hallelujah , Thank you Jesus.

  29. I had a broken tooth fixed a couple of weeks ago. It has been a slow painful process. At church tonight, Praise God I didn’t have to work. Going to Gateway is always better than going to work by the way. Any way Holy Ghost decided to use Apostle David in gift of healing. He called for those who had pain I almost ran up to front. Apostle David had us repeat after him, one way not the only way to receive ones healing was the laying on of hands. He then proceeded to lay hands on people to receive their healing. When he touched my head and chest the anointing of God which felt warm over my body I received my healing. Thank you Lord. Immediately my tooth area was better. The pain was gone and will not return in Jesus name. I also believe that God will restore the area as well as the tooth. To God be the Glory. These types of Healing are to become a common place occurrence, as we are believing that this is common in an Apostolic church, of which we are. Psalm 68:19 He loads us up daily with His benefits. Thank you Jesus.

  30. Nessa Singleton said:

    Last Saturday, I started working in a shop doing hair, something I have always loved to do. I was excited to be getting back to work, and on my way in that morning, I prayed and gave my business to God, saying, “Do what You will, Lord!” My first day was great, and I was excited to take my tithe out of my earnings in preparation for Sunday morning. Little did I know what the Lord had in store for me!!!

    One of the things I have always enjoyed here at Gateway is how our giving is based on the Word. It’s never, “Give, give, give!” without any understanding of why. We have a sure scriptural basis, and God honors His word. The Word before our offering last Sunday was, “Prove Me now in this.” I got excited when I heard that Word and looked over at my husband. He just said, “Go ahead. I know what you are thinking!” I had already made out the tithing envelope for the ten percent of my earnings, but I tore it up and put EVERYTHING I had earned the day before into a new envelope. God said to prove Him, and we decided we would!

    After church, we had to go take care of a bill. We had prepared to pay the amount we owed, but when we got there, the bill had been reduced for reasons we didn’t expect. We paid that bill off and went home with THREE times the amount of money I had put into that envelope only a few hours earlier!

    God is great! All He wants us to do is trust Him! I had thought starting up my own hair business would be hard, but with a God like we have, I can never lose!!! God gives all the increase, and He’s ready for us to PROVE HIM!!!

    ~by Nessa Simpson-Singleton

  31. My college hasn’t been known to be very wheelchair friendly. I began compling a list in my head of things I would like to see changed, but I didn’t act on it right away. Finally, I felt the Lord nudging me to send a letter to our student government about it. Within a few days, the President of the college approached me and thanked me for voicing my opinions. He said they were looking over my suggestions.

    I was patient because I knew I had done what God told me to do. When I returned from Christmas break, I saw they had installed an automatic door in the building that I suggested and more improvements are in the works! When I saw that door, it was a physical manifestation of things I’d been believing for. I immediately emailed the President of the college to thank him for not only listening to my concerns but also doing something about them. It is so important to not abandon that attitude of gratitude when God does something good for you.

    This just goes to show what can happen when we use our voice for good instead of evil!

  32. connie robinson said:

    Reading the testimonies here was so uplifting! thank you all so much for sharing!
    The mercies of The Lord have truly shown to be new every morning!

  33. Barbara Hanley said:

    My daughter, Kathy, is living with us as she recovers from a severe stroke she had a couple years ago. She always looks forward to the times she gets to go and visit her daughter, Angela, and her family. On the Thursday afternoon just before Christmas Eve, Angela came to pick Kathy up for Christmas, and she had one of her own children with her in the car. They had only been on the road for about five miles when they stopped at an intersection. Angela, being unfamiliar with the area, thought it was a 4 way stop. So after having stopped, she started across the through traffic and was T-boned by a pickup truck. The truck also spun out and hit another truck waiting to cross from the other side.

    The truck hit them on Kathy’s front passenger side resulting in the pictures you see on the main page of The Celebration. Angela and her daughter Jubilee were OK and able to get out of the car. Kathy was pinned in and it took JAWS to get the door open and to get her out of the car. They braced her neck and checked her out, but wanted to take her to the hospital for X-rays to be sure.

    At the hospital she became more aware of what hurt: her left side at the ribs and her right leg above the knee. They did X-rays and we, along with our church leadership (which had been called before leaving the crash site), prayed.

    When the results came back to us, it was just cuts and bruises, nothing broken, fractured, or sprained. They gave her a prescription and let her go on to Hiawassee to be with her family for Christmas. She got to play Santa “Nanny” Claus on Christmas Eve morning for her three grandchildren, who are the joy of her life. No bruised, sore, stiff muscles could take that from her!

    We are all praising God for Heavenly protection. There had to be angels guarding over them as they traveled. And thank God for people who know how to pray and what to pray in an instant. Without the guidance of the Holy Ghost who knows what to say, where would we be?

  34. The Celebration said:

    Answers to our It’s a Wonderful Life trivia quiz:

    1. Bedford Falls 2. Uncle Billy 3. Jumps into ice water to save his brother 4. An angel 5. He jumped into the river first 6. Bert and Ernie 7. Jimmy Stewart 8. An architect/engineer 9. The bannister knob 10. His wings

    Hope you enjoyed it!!! Happy New Year!!!

  35. kingdom news update. if you attend gateway you took part in today’s fund raiser at the carnesville emt and fire department. you see if you tithe to the church or give offerings then you help pay for water and electricity. see our ice machine runs off both of these utilities and we as a kingdom family were able to donate the ice for this event. so see even if you did not get to go you were there by being part of a kingdom church for the Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks for all you do.

  36. LaNell Luthi said:

    After working longer than a usual 8 hour day, I attended a much needed Bible study on Thursday. Arriving home I thought you had better go straight to bed since you are facing another long day tomorrow. While preparing for bed, this urgent prompting to check my e-mail persisted within me. My sister that lives in Tulsa had written me to give me a praise report concerning my brother-in law. Several days ago he had six biopsies taken checking for prostrate cancer. When the results can back, they could not explain his high PSI reading but there was absolutely, nada, none, NO signs of cancer. May we all realize what a mighty God we serve!!

  37. Charity Parker said:

    GOD STRAIGHTENED MY SON’S BACK FROM SCOLIOSIS!! About a year ago, Seth was diagnosed with scoliosis; his back had 2 curves in it. His x-rays showed them to be 12 degrees and 20 degrees. They referred him to a doctor in Atlanta for bracing or surgery. We began believing for God to straighten his back, so no treatment would be necessary. At his last checkup, the doctor was very concerned and set an appointment for him. I took him to Atlanta today, and they took more x-rays. Here’s the MIRACLE part!! The curves were now at 11 degrees and 13 degrees, which is minimal enough that they are no longer a concern to the doctors, and no treatment is necessary! I told the orthopedic doctor what the curve degrees were before and asked if it was possible for his back to have straightened like that. He said, “No, it could get worse or stay the same, but it doesn’t straighten itself.” But 2 sets of x-rays are proof! PRAISE GOD FOR MIRACLES!!!

  38. LaNell Luthi said:

    As we have been preparing for our Resurection Offering day, Apostle David has reminded us of the word about “what you purpose in your heart.” Weeks ago, I felt a certain amount drop into my spirit and it was a considerable amount more than last year and knew He was stretching my faith. In the natural, I thought I had it pretty well figured out how I was going to acommplish this task. I wanted to be able to place the total amount in the offering bucket and not drag it out over time. As time drew closer, “things” seem to come along to put that amount in question. Shower time seems to be my best “thinking” time. The idea dropped into my mind, “what about your retiree medical benefits available to you each year?” So that evening after work, I dug out all the medical payments that had been paid out already this year. It was more than enough to cover what I needed. But, the question was now, would they process the paperwork and mail my check in time. Without a doubt, the Lord came through in plenty of time. I immediately sat down and made out my tithe check and my Resecurection Offering check and placed them in my Bible with several days to spare.

    Also, in this time of so called recession, my work has held up with a least forty hours a week without a let up. This past Wednesday, the company I work for gave me a raise. Two days later, the company had a “banner day” as far as invoicing. We set an outstanding, never before high. And this is just the beginning of our “peak” time. Thank you Father. May you recieve all the Honor, Glory and Praise.

  39. Larry & Lisa Brannen said:

    Friday, March 12, 2010 marked a financial milestone for us. By applying the financial principles of God’s Word and by taking encouragement and counsel from presbytery at Gateway, we were able to pay off our house three and one half yeas early! There is a certain amount of discipline we had to adhere to in order to reach this goal. This is a major weight off of our shoulders and now we will take the money formerly used as a house payment, apply it to two smaller debts that we owe, and in approximately two years be completely debt free! We are so blessed to have the gifts that the scriptures speak about working in our church and in our lives!

    • Laura Mitchell said:

      Wow that is awesome!!! God is so GOOD!!!! That just encouraged me to become debt free.

    • Gail Avant said:

      Way to go Larry & Lisa. Those principles really work. Bill and I have retired quite a few over the last few years by following those principles. You would be amazed if you just paid an extra $100.00 a month to any debt you are trying to retire.

  40. LaNell Luthi said:

    Praise report for debt reduction:
    Total for year-to-date for credit card, mortgage and automobile comes to at least $5,416.76. Thanks to available clasess that give hands on lessons which have helped me to understand that I can do this!!!!!

  41. Barbara Hanley said:

    When I started into seeking time 2010, I wasn’t feeling very “spiritual”.
    The only thing pulling in my life was to make a commitment, under law, to a diet and exercise program. So I began Monday, January 4, 2010, by putting myself under law for 40 days.

    I signed back up with Weight Watchers online, so that I would record my weight, what I ate and how much I exercised. I did this for 40 days faithfully, never missing a day not even Sunday.

    My exercise program was to use my treadmill. Since I had not walked on it in quite a while, I began with 1 mile at a comfortable pace and worked my way up to 3 miles per hour or a 20 minute mile. Next I went to 2 miles dividing it between the morning and the afternoon. By the second week I was walking 2 miles at a time. Though it was hard at first, as I kept it up I soon found it became much easier.

    My boring time on the treadmill became a great time to pray in tongues and meditate. As I listened to my spirit, I realized I was indeed on the right track. I began to use this time to pray for the body of Christ and the Kingdom work God has called us to do. It got where I so enjoyed my time, I ask the Lord to make it so I would want to do this even when I was past the “law” I had committed myself to.

    Guess what? When seeking time was over and I didn’t have to get on that treadmill, I just got on it and started walking. It has now become a part of my routine. I don’t even think about it, much less dread it like I did when I first started. Thank God for what we can put under the law. The law is our school master until we become mature enough to accept; instead of fight what we need.

    The diet has paid off as well, I have lost 10 lbs to date, and don’t have far to go to my goal weight. There is something different about this time around, and I have gone many times around this circle. I wasn’t talking about it, just walking it out; trusting God for help and strength. He has been there for me every step of the way and I know I could not have done this without Him. He is mindful of even the little things we commit to Him.
    He has made us winners and His heart is glad when we have a win under our belt.

    That time I always said I didn’t have to pray, just slipped up on me and became a permanent part of my daily life. Though I may have missed a day or two since the 40 day seeking time ended, I am forever grateful for the change it has made in my intimate relationship with the Father.

  42. The Celebration said:

    Well, we are excited to say that The Celebration Blog is closing out our first year online with 20,000 views! Do you hear me?? 20,000 people have visited this site in one year!!! Now, I’ve researched this and talked to folks who are more tech savvy than I am, and I know that not all 20,000 people who landed on our site stuck around to read stuff. BUT…. the overwhelming majority of those visits are real people visiting, not robot views through blog reading programs. We’ve had visitors from all around the US and have tracked visits from England, China, Russia, and Hungary. I would say the Good News of the Gospel of the Kingdom is getting OUT into cyberspace!! Come on and CELEBRATE with us and come back to read every day!!!

  43. Matthew Randolph said:

    This past Sunday, Valentine’s day, Apostle David and all the believers of Gateway Believers Fellowship prayed for my sister’s unborn son. Doctors had discovered an abnormality in the fetus at my sister’s last checkup. My sister asked me to have the church pray for complete healing as she was gripped with fear. Well, I am honored to report that she went back to the doctor this week and they could not find anything wrong with the child!!! Praise God for His healing power! I thank God for his love and faithfulness towards my family, but I am ever so grateful for having a church family who know their Creator and how to operate in the power of God’s anointing!

  44. Dannette Phillips said:

    God has been speaking to GBF lately about thanksgiving and having a heart of gratitude. I want to give glory to God because, while so many people are having their hours cut back or losing their jobs, I received a promotion at work that came with a raise in my hourly wage and the opportunity to work more hours, including overtime! Thank You Lord for grace and provision!

  45. Randall & Carol Hanley said:

    What the enemy meant for our destruction, God turned to blessing (endued with power to prosper)! Our last chicken flock seemed fated for destruction, but we stood on the Word and believed God to change the circumstances.

    First, we were supposed to have feed at certain times in each house, but when the company brought feed, they put it in the wrong houses, jeopardizing the birds that were supposed to have received the feed. Then, when the company was supposed to catch chickens in the first house, the catch crew showed up without the trucks to put chickens on. The water and feed had already been turned off for hours and it looked like everything was going from bad to worse. The chickens lose weight if they are off of water and feed for too long, and we receive pay based on how heavy the birds are. With the confusion going on with the catch crew, the birds should have been losing weight.

    Throughout the day, we had multiple opportunities to say, “We will probably do terrible on this flock because of the circumstances.” Instead, we determined not to speak anything negative. Instead, we began to say, “This will be the heaviest batch of chickens we have raised, and they will be number one on the sheet for the week.” It seemed ridiculous to say this based on the circumstances, but we said it anyway.

    Our serviceperson called us today and told us that we were number one on the sheet for the week, and that we had an average weight of 4.69 lbs. per bird…the heaviest bird we have ever raised!!!

    God is so good, and He will manifest His blessings if we will just agree with Him. We have what we say when we say what God wants us to have!

  46. Tim Hanley said:

    It’s All in the Timing

    I had been trying to sell my old Jeep for about a month, but there seemed to be very little interest in it. Finally, a week came where I received five separate calls from people wanting to see the Jeep. I scheduled a Saturday to meet each of them. The first man said it was not what he was looking for, and the thought came, “Here we go again, it’s going to be another one of those days.” But I decided to take that thought captive and instead said, “I thank you, Lord, this Jeep sells today!”

    The next guy to see the Jeep was very interested and made me an offer of $4,500. I wanted to get my investment out of it, so I didn’t want to go lower than $5000. Part of me really wanted to just take the money and be done with it, but my spirit said “no”, so that’s what I said. Then he offered $4,700. Again I said no, thinking “I really hope I’m not missing it here.” That’s when I got yet another call for the Jeep and this person wanted to meet me right then. When he heard the phone call, he said “I’ll take it for $5,000”. I know God sent me the buyer, but it was the “God timing” of that other call that sold the Jeep. Thank God for His Timing.

  47. Barbara Hanley said:

    When our daughter became disabled in February of 2008, the attack was more than just about her health: it was about our assignment to be entrepreneurs for the Kingdom of God. Four years earlier, we started a flooring business with her, and her expertise and passion caused it to grow quickly. In fact, business continued to thrive until the day we got the call about her attack.

    She was driving home from a friend’s when suddenly she couldn’t feel her legs. She immediately realized something was wrong and turned to go back to the friend’s house. Upon arriving there, she blew the horn, yelled, “Call 911!” and collapsed.

    Through the next weeks as she was in the hospital, it became my responsibility to run the business. I had absolutely no idea where to begin. I had to rely on God in ways I had never done before. He became my source, my supply, my strength…in fact, He truly became ALL I NEEDED.

    Even when the economy took a down turn and business disappeared, God was there. By this time I had begun to walk in such a realm of peace in Him, that I just looked each day to see what He would do next. We managed to keep the store going for the rest of 2008, and then I knew it was time to turn it loose.

    Each step of the way, God was there helping me know what to do. When we decided to close, we had just retrofitted our showroom to become an elite Mohawk Floorscapes Center. This meant we owed a great deal of money to the company. Our district manager worked tirelessly to find another store that was willing to buy the retrofit. He found a store in Alabama that was out of his district. The sale didn’t benefit him any (he only did it because of the relationship we had built), but it totally eliminated all of the debt I owed to Mohawk!

    Relationships in business are so important. If I had not learned about creating strong relationships, I would not have made it through the tough times. My subcontractors were all able to find work elsewhere, and I blessed them with installation supplies that they usually purchased from us. Even after we closed, some of them continued to bring people into the store to purchase materials while they lasted. This greatly helped me stay on top of business expenses until we completely shut it down.

    After we closed the store in January 2009, there was no business income. We were looking at around $5400 in monthly payments associated with the business. My goal was to walk away from this owing no man. We began to look at our finances to see where this could possibly come from. The devil wanted us to give up and declare bankruptcy. I said to God, “I know that is not your will, so I am going to put this burden on Your shoulders, because You can carry it better than I can.”

    God showed up in so many unexpected ways. Checks came in the mail that we were not expecting, income increased from the miraculous performance of our chickens, items and property sold in supernatural ways, and more. Through all of this, we paid off two of the notes associated with the business, leaving only the building payment.

    God opened doors for our daughter also. Because of the relationships she had built through the years, friends gave her a benefit that netted nearly $20,000. This helped to pay unexpected medical bills, as well as fix her home so that it is now handicapped accessible. God showed us a grant for floor covering professionals, which we applied for and received $7000. to help with a wheelchair lift and therapy sessions. Though she is on disability, we still look forward to her being independent again.

    Through it all, I have discovered God is much more able to carry our burdens than we are, and I learned to trust in Him in a whole new way. Oh, we had our part to do. A big part was keeping our hands off of it, and doing only what we knew God was saying to do. We had to take another look at what we were spending to see if we were using the finances God had given us like we should, not like we wanted to. And we never stopped tithing and giving what God said, because we have always known it all belongs to Him anyway.

    We will walk out of this thing which the devil meant for destruction, not only “owing no man anything,” but debt free in our own personal finances as well. We see the light and it is guiding us each step of the way!

  48. Guy & Charity Parker said:

    We want to thank God that we were recently able to pay off the business loan we had from starting our business up. Now the only debt we have is our mortgage, which is on the “fast track” to payoff. We appreciate the financial wisdom that comes from the teaching here at Gateway!

  49. The Celebration said:

    Just wanted to start this page off by praising God for more than 300 hits on the blog this week! Our desire is for The Celebration to be a blessing to believers all over the world. The increased activity on our site means the word is getting out! I thank God for this opportunity to share Kingdom principles with the multitudes. To God be the Glory!

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